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  BBSRC EASTBIO PhD Programme: Novel biopolymer assembly - using a divergent lamina system to understand principles of self-assembling fibres
  Prof M Field, Prof E Schirmer
Application Deadline: 10 December 2018
Self-assembly of larger protein networks is a central feature of replicating systems from viral capsids to the cytoskeleton that gives cells structure and polarity.
  Biopolymer availability and transport in the GI tract
  Prof J Yeomans
Application Deadline: 25 January 2019
There is very limited knowledge of the processes in the gastrointestinal tract that underpin healthy and efficient digestion. Increased understanding is vital to help improve dietary habits to halt the current epidemics of obesity and type II diabetes and to design better treatments for diseases of the digestive system.
  Natural Polymers based Functional Textiles for Engineering & Biological Applications
  Dr S.S Rahatekar, Prof K Koziol
Application Deadline: 30 December 2018
Natural polymers like cellulose, chitin, chitosan, alginate are one of the most abundant and renewable polymer with robust mechanical properties.
  Mechanical Characterisation of Poly-Lactic Acid (PLA) bioplastic from Biomass and its digestibility in a Thermophilic anaerobic digestion (AD) process.
  Dr S Tedesco
Applications accepted all year round
Reference Number. AMRC-ST-2018-1-PhD. Project Summary. The research focuses on testing bioplastic PLA for applications within the packaging industry.
  Development of hydrogels–based delivery systems for lipophilic bioactive components (RDF19/HLS/AS/BENLOCH-TINOCO)
  Dr M Benlloch Tinoco
Application Deadline: 25 January 2019
There is a genuine interest in the incorporation of lipophilic bioactive compounds into food products, given the relevant role that they play as natural pigments (e.g.
  Sustainable multifunctional polymer foams (ref: SF18/APP/Perry)
  Prof J Perry
Applications accepted all year round
Chitin is the second most abundant biopolymer after cellulose it being found in the exoskeletons of insects and other invertebrates as well as providing structural rigidity to fungi.
  All cellulose and all keratin composites
  Research Group: Soft Matter Physics
  Dr M Ries
Applications accepted all year round
Processing of cellulose with ionic liquids gives the possibility to tap into nature’s most abundant biopolymer unlocking its remarkable natural properties via “green” dissolution routes.
  Multiscale mechanics: folded globular proteins as hydrogel Lego bricks
  Dr L Dougan
Applications accepted all year round
Proteins are bionanomachines. These workhorses of the cell are responsible for a vast array of biological functions. Acting in isolation or as part of larger, often complex machinery, they perform their function through structural and mechanical changes.
  (BBSRC DTP CASE) Fostering the next generation of molecular diagnostics: 3D microfluidic RNA-sensing hydrogel biosensors for clinical analysis of miRNA biomarkers.
  Dr E Bichenkova, Prof A Saiani, Dr H Aojula
Application Deadline: 31 January 2019
This project will be carried out at the interface between academia and industry, in close collaboration with our industrial partner, Manchester BIOGEL Ltd, to facilitate translational development of a novel diagnostic platform by bridging the gap between a scientific discovery and its future commercialisation.
  (BBSRC DTP) Exploiting plant diversity to make a new biomaterials
  Prof S Turner, Prof V Allan, Prof S Flitsch
Application Deadline: 31 January 2019
It is clear that there is now enormous pressure to develop much better replacements for plastics synthesised from fossil fuels.
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