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  Machine learning for affective manipulation in music Brain Computer Interfaces
  Prof S Nasuto, Dr F Hwang
Applications accepted all year round
"At the University of Reading we have created one of the first music Brain Computer Interfaces – a system that monitors the emotional states of the subject and as a result generates commands changing the nature of synthetically generated live music in order to drive the emotional state of the subject in the desired direction.
  Toward Next generation of Brain Computer Interfaces
  Dr M Arvaneh
Applications accepted all year round
A brain-computer interface (BCI) provides a direct communication pathway between a human brain and an external device. Using appropriate sensors and data processing algorithms, a BCI maps patterns of brain activity associated with a volitional thought onto signals suitable for communication and control.
  Leverhulme Doctoral Training Programme for the Ecological Study of the Brain
  Complex network control of stem cell derived cultures
  Prof S Nasuto, Dr E Delivopoulos, Dr Y Hayashi
Applications accepted all year round
"In order to create a next generation of interfaces between prosthetic devices and the nervous system or to create next generation of intelligent robots – hybrids between artificial and biological systems, it is necessary to understand the principles that allow biological networks to achieve control of bodies.
  Do dissociated neural networks dream of electric sheep?
  Dr E Delivopoulos, Dr N Vasudevan, Prof S Nasuto
Applications accepted all year round
Neuronal networks grown on petri dishes encode information as electrical activity. This activity is dictated by their underlying structural and functional connectivity.
  Intelligent estimation of the structural connectivity of neuronal cultures
  Prof S Nasuto, Dr E Delivopoulos, Dr N Vasudevan
Applications accepted all year round
The vast majority of cognitive theories as well as computational neuroscience models are concentrating on the computational properties of neurons, circuits and systems, effectively reducing intelligence to disembodied information processing engine.
  Movement control using dynamics matching and anticipatory coupling
  Prof S Nasuto, Dr Y Hayashi
Applications accepted all year round
"There is a lot of interest in explaining motor coordination and control. Such models allow for better understanding of the healthy coordination and provide diagnostic tools and starting points for rehabilitation solutions in case of motor disorders due to stroke or neural degeneration.
  Development of integrated multi-modal sensors for monitoring brain activity
  Dr D Chitnis, Dr J Escudero Rodriguez, Dr B Auyeung, Prof I Underwood
Application Deadline: 20 May 2019
Epilepsy is one of the most life-changing chronic conditions in the UK, affecting 1 among 100 persons at some point in their life.
  Multimodal understanding of intentional decision in the human brain
  Research Group: Cognitive Neuroscience
  Dr J Zhang
Application Deadline: 1 February 2019
Our environment constantly demands decisions, and we can intentionally make decisions to fulfill our goals and desires. How does the human brain decide based on intention? What may influence our intentional decisions? This research aims to address to address these long-standing questions in human cognition.
  State-dependent and cell-type-specific auditory cortical processing on multiple timescales
  Dr S Sakata
Application Deadline: 31 March 2019
The brain is never at rest. the activity state of the brain constantly changes over multiple timescales. Over the last decades, the role of ongoing brain activity in various brain functions has been intensively explored with a variety of experimental and theoretical/computational approaches.
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