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carbon capture and storage PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 42 carbon capture and storage PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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We have 42 carbon capture and storage PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Acoustic Monitoring for Marine Carbon Capture and Storage Facilities

Supervisory Team.   Paul White, Jon Bull, Tim Leighton. Laurence North. Project description. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a key technology in the transition to a low carbon economy. Read more

Techno‐Economic Impact of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

  Research Group: Mechanical and Process Engineering
The reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases is agreed in November 2016 in the Paris international agreement (IEA Dec. 2016). The agreement is expected to create a transformative change in the energy sector to combat climate change. Read more

Dynamic simulation of power generation plant for carbon capture and storage

The new generation of power plants should offer effective solutions to reduce emissions and implement CO2 capture and storage. However, the combination of a complex fuel-processing plant and the level of integration lead to challenging problems with respect to the dynamic/transient operation. Read more

Centres for Doctoral Training - 4 Year PhD Studentships

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) is the main UK government agency for funding research and training in engineering and the physical sciences, investing more than £850m a year. Read more

Enabling Net Zero Emissions Targets through Post Combustion Capture (PCC) of CO2 Using Amine-based Emerging Technology

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is one of the key activities that will allow anthropogenic carbon emissions to reach net zero and net negative in time to avoid dangerous climate change. Most large-scale CCS operations rely on amine solvents for post-combustion CO. Read more

Direct air capture of carbon dioxide; new materials and processes

Direct air carbon capture and storage (DACCS) is a carbon dioxide removal technology that separates CO2 directly from the air using an engineered system [1]. Read more

Chemistry of low carbon cement minerals produced from waste CO2 and concrete

Supervisor (primary) Imperial College London. Dr. Rupert J. Myers . Applications are invited for a PhD scholarship funded by the European Research Council Starting Grant project titled “Decarbonising cementitious materials through carbon capture and utilisation (CO. Read more

Innovative direct air capture and utilisation system for the production of renewable fuel

Direct air capture (DAC), which involves atmospheric CO2 removal, must be implemented alongside other decarbonisation technologies to achieve global climate change mitigation objectives. Read more

[UoM / IISc Joint Award] Deep learning assisted image enhancement and analysis to accelerate energy decarbonisation in the subsurface

Multi-scale and dynamic imaging techniques have been demonstrated to be one of the powerful tools in subsurface energy storage materials characterisation to understand how geothermal energy, hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, and storage solutions for wind, solar and tidal energy can reduce our carbon emissions. Read more

Modelling post combustion amine CO2 capture plant

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is an emerging near-zero emission technology that can applied to next generation gas turbine based power stations, new and retrofit, leading to a substantial reduction in carbon emission to the atmosphere. Read more

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