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catalysis PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 95 catalysis PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

PhD in Chemistry: Microwave assisted heterogeneous catalysis

The PhD will be based within the Cardiff Catalysis Institute (CCI) (www.cf.ac.uk/cci) which is one of the leading centres for catalyst research focussed on improving the understanding of catalysis, developing new catalytic processes with industry and promoting the use of catalysis as a sustainable 21st century technology. Read more

Synergistic Experimental and Data-driven Catalyst Development for Sustainable Synthesis

The Thomas Group in collaboration with GSK and Dr Ephrath Solel Moroshko are now recruiting a motivated PhD student to develop a new method for the discovery and application of sustainable catalysis. Read more

New reaction strategies using gold catalysis

Gold catalysis represents one of the most vibrant and widely applicable fields of catalysis and in this project we will be exploring how catalyst design can be used to influence reaction pathways to gain greater control over reactivity. Read more

Metamaterials for catalysis

A meta-atom is an engineered sub-wavelength structure that, when periodically arranged like an atomic lattice, enable optical, electronic, thermal, and chemical functionalities not seen in conventional designs. Read more

Electrification of biogas upgrading via plasma-catalysis

These projects are open to students worldwide, but have no funding attached. Therefore, the successful applicant will be expected to fund tuition fees at the relevant level (home or international) and any applicable additional research costs. Read more

Sustainable Catalysis

The transition toward an environmental friendly economy based on the use of renewable energy and alternative raw materials replacing fossil resources is one of the main scientific challenges of our time. Read more

Cooperative catalysis using iron-based Organometallic frustrated Lewis pairs

Frustrated Lewis pairs (FLPs) has led to major advances in the field of small molecule activation and catalysis, being considered as one of the most exciting modern-day developments in main group chemistry. Read more

Stereoselective synthesis of mechanically chiral molecules for sensing and catalysis

Background – the stereoselective synthesis of mechanically chiral molecules. The stereoselective synthesis of chiral organic molecules is one of the core challenges in synthetic organic chemistry. Read more

PhD in Chemistry: Asymmetric catalysis using environmentally benign calcium complexes

Dr Ben Ward http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/people/view/38527-ward-benjamin is looking for a PhD student to work on the research project ’Asymmetric catalysis using environmentally benign calcium complexes’. Read more

A new twist on catalysis: folded oligomers with organometallic termini

A key feature of biological systems is the storage and transmission of information across multi-nanometre distances, which maintains the complex chemical networks and functions within cells. Read more

Shell-doped quantum dots as smart “on-off” catalysts for thermally sensitive organic transformations

Quantum dots (QDs) are photoluminescent nanoparticles which reside at the cutting edge of opto-electronic device development, with the 2023 Nobel prize in chemistry awarded to 3 of the most prominent scientists in the field. Read more

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