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We have 73 cellular stress PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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cellular stress PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 73 cellular stress PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

(BBSRC DTP) Control of ribosome frameshifting in response to oxidative stress

Translation of mRNA into proteins is a critical cellular biological process for all life. This requires ribosomes to act with an array of translation factors to decode mRNA sequences with precision so that decoding errors are avoided. Read more

Engineering dynamic microbial factories for sustainable biomanufacturing and drug production

Engineering microbial cell factories using synthetic biology enables the production of new therapeutics or sustainable routes to the manufacture of high value chemicals from agricultural by-products. Read more

The cellular response to stress: roles in disease and ageing

All living organisms need to adapt to their environment in order to survive and reproduce. They are subjected to many stresses including altered oxygen levels, heat or cold, irradiation, infection and injury. Read more

The Role of Reactive Sulfur Species in the Ageing Heart

Second Supervisor. Prof Melanie Madhani, University of Birmingham. Background . Ageing is a natural and complex biological process that involves the gradual deterioration of cells, tissues, and organ systems over time, thus leading to an increased susceptibility to diseases and mortality. Read more

Exploring the Impact of Gut-Derived Endotoxin on Human Adipocyte Differentiation and Dysfunction

Project ID. SST_SHiMR_5. Low-grade chronic systemic inflammation, characterised by increased circulating pro-inflammatory factors, is strongly associated with obesity and obesity-related diseases including type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Read more

How does SUMOylation regulate cell survival and death in Heat Shock Response?

Heat shock response (HSR) is a universally existing essential phenomenon for all living organisms to survive sudden increases in environmental temperature that have pronounced damaging effects on important cellular structures and functions (1). Read more


iCASE Project - MRC’s iCASE awards provide students with experience of collaborative research with a non academic partner, enabling the student to spend a period of time with the non-academic partner (usually no less than three months over the lifetime of the PhD). Read more

(BBSRC DTP) How does ageing affect protein homeostasis and structure?

In this project, we propose to examine how the mechanisms that protect protein homeostasis are affected by ageing. Besides the requirement that proteins are expressed in sufficient quantity, they must also be correctly folded in order to maintain healthy function. Read more

Chaperones and the response to protein misfolding stress

Misfolded proteins are usually refolded to their functional conformations or degraded by quality control mechanisms. When misfolded proteins evade quality control, they form aggregates that are sequestered to specific sites within cells. Read more

White Rose BBSRC DTP: Shaping Plant Stress Memories

Although plants lack a cellular immune system and central nervous system, they can retain memory of previously encountered stresses, which improves their ability to resist recurrent episodes of the same stress. Read more

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