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  DTC PHYS 20 - Symmetries, Duality, Integrability or Chaos - exploring the interplay between symmetries, dualities and the concepts of integrability or chaos in different quantum field theories
  Prof C Nunez
Applications accepted all year round
Many systems and problems of Mathematical Physics present symmetries. A good use of these symmetries leads to interesting insights, or a solution of the problem.
  Pattern Formation (Applied Nonlinear Dynamics): understanding the formation and stability of complex patterns such as quasipatterns, spatio-temporal chaos or turbulent spirals
  Prof A M Rucklidge
Applications accepted all year round
Regular patterns, such as stripes, squares and hexagons, are ubiquitous in nature, and their formation and stability are governed by the intricate and complex interactions of symmetry and nonlinearity.
  Fast, reliable and secure wireless IoT chaos-based communication
  Dr M S Baptista
Applications accepted all year round
This PhD project tackles scientific issues aimed at creating and laying the mathematical foundations of an innovative Wireless IoT Communication System…
  Chaos and fractals in fluid motion
  Dr A Moura, Prof C Grebogi
Applications accepted all year round
The advection of particles and fields by fluid flows is a problem of great interest for both fundamental physics and engineering applications.
  Enhancing predictability in chaotic systems
  Dr F Ginelli, Prof A Politi
Applications accepted all year round
The goal of this research program – which involves theoretical analysis and numerical simulations -- is to apply fundamental results and recent developments (to which the supervisors significantly contributed) of dynamical system theory to enhance our ability to predict the future evolution of complex and chaotic dynamical systems -- such as weather and climate systems.
  The mathematics behind the smartness of neural networks
  Dr M S Baptista
Applications accepted all year round
Intelligence is one of the pillars that allows animals to master their environment. Scientific approaches recently proposed have been capable of simulating networked systems that reproduce similar emergent manifestations of behavior as those observed in the brain.
  Disability and Degeneracy 1850- 1914: Able ideology as moral critique
  Prof B Hughes, Prof O Walsh, Dr J Buckle
Application Deadline: 13 May 2019
Project reference number - GSBS-2019-105.
  New methods for computing exact coherent structures responsible for cascades of energy in fluid turbulence
  Dr D Lucas
Application Deadline: 1 June 2019
A major challenge in the field of fluid mechanics exists in understanding the complex nonlinear behaviour of turbulence. This problem has an enormous number of engineering and geophysical applications.
  DTC PHYS 13 - Far from equilibrium physics and Bose-Fermi duality in 2+1 dimensions
  Prof P Kumar
Applications accepted all year round
In 2+1 dimensions there exists a fascinating quantum duality between bosons and fermions in the presence of interactions mediated by a Chern-Simons field, which is of relevance for the Quantum Hall Effect.
  Towards a novel biomarker for pain: advanced analysis of oscillatory brain activity in healthy and chronic pain individuals
  Dr E Valentini, Dr C Antonopoulos
Application Deadline: 7 May 2019
Basic Funding details – Full time Home/EU fees and a stipend of £15,009 p.a. Application deadline – Tuesday 7th May 2019. Start date – October 2019.
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