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  The Complexity and Structure of Food Web Networks
  Dr A Beckerman, Dr M Pocock
Application Deadline: 9 January 2019
The complexity and structure of food web networks underpin our understanding of biodiversity and the stability, persistence and functioning of ecological communities.
  DTC CS 4 - Computational complexity and bounded rationality
  Dr A.M Pauly
Applications accepted all year round
If figuring out the best way to play a game is too complicated to be feasible, what is the next best approach? This project combines computational complexity and algorithmic game theory to search for a notion of rational behaviour under complexity constraints.
  Time Complexity Analysis of Bio-Inspired Computing
  Dr P Oliveto
Application Deadline: 21 December 2018
Project Description. Bio-inspired meta-heuristics such as genetic algorithms, ant colony optimisation and artificial immune systems have been applied to a broad range of problems in various disciplines with remarkable success.
  Complexity at small scales with Circuit QED Quantum Simulators
  Dr NK Langford
Applications accepted all year round
PROJECT DESCRIPTION. In the field of quantum simulations, research into the behaviour of complex, interacting systems is driven by applications in areas like quantum chemistry and condensed matter physics, where near-future quantum processors will find their first real-world applications.
  Dissecting cell complexity using super-resolution microscopy, one molecule at a time
  Prof M Leake, Prof A J Wilkinson
Applications accepted all year round
The stress response of sporulation in bacteria is a fantastically system for studying biophysics processes of emergent complexity.
  DTC CS 10 - Combinatorics of Satisfiability - developing new synergies with mathematics, combinatorics, complexity theory and algorithmics
  Dr O Kullmann
Applications accepted all year round
Solving boolean systems of equations (the SAT problem) and combinatorics have deep connections, and a theory of SAT is emerging. This PhD will be about strengthening these connections, developing new synergies with mathematics, combinatorics, complexity theory and algorithmics.
  Communication and social behaviour in carrion crows (Corvus corone corone)
  Dr C Wascher, Dr J Dunn
Applications accepted all year round
Research Group. Animal and Environment Research Group (AERG).
  Dimension-free Structure-aware Data Analytics: From Theory to Practice
  Dr A Kaban
Application Deadline: 22 January 2019
High dimensional data comes with computational, statistical, inferential, geometric, and interpretational challenges in general. However, the inherent difficulty of these problems may vary hugely across problem instances and particular data sets.
  Automating Scientific Discovery in Physics using Hybrid AI Models
  Dr A Freitas
Applications accepted all year round
The increasing mathematical intricacy in different subfields of Physics define new barriers the interpretation of more complex physical phenomena and for the creation of new models.
  Hybrid Professionals in the professional services firm - developing expertise in others (e.g. management or policy) to deal with environmental pressures.
  Dr S Allan, Dr C Alawattage
Application Deadline: 31 March 2019
Existing research looks at professionals who have taken on managerial roles and/or responsibilities and problematizes the conflicting logics (managerial/commercial and professional) that apply in circumstances of institutional complexity (when different and competing logics are at play) (Noordegraaf, 2007, p.
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