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We have 70 computation PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Join our graduate school at the interface of biology and computation: IMPRS-BAC in Berlin

We are looking for outstanding graduates from all over the world - whether you have a degree in biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, computer science, mathematics or something related, as long as you have a passion for working at the interface between biology and computation, this may be the place for you. Read more

Using noise to enhance quantum computation

There are several difference models of quantum computing, from the circuit model using quantum gates, through measurement based quantum computing to adiabatic quantum computing and quantum walks. Read more

Topological materials and coupled superfluids (theory and computation)

The rich physics of spinor quantum gases with internal coupling makes them ideal platforms for emulating fundamental physical processes and for realizing atomtronic analogs of solid-state devices. Read more

Numerical computation of interface problems

  Research Group: School of Computing
Interface problems arise in many different areas of engineering, physical and life sciences. A typical example is the interface between two immiscible fluids separated by an interface governed by surface tension. Read more

Computation and Confirmation Experiments on Solvated Hydrogen Bonding Complexes

  Research Group: Chemistry and Biosciences
The creation of complexes between polymeric compounds drives many industrial / biological processes and has been extensively studied in well-defined biological compounds with uniform structures. Read more

Algorithms for AI inspired by the bounded rationality of humans

This project will develop new algorithms for AI inspired by the bounded rationality of humans, in other words, by how people are able to make good decisions when they have limited time, information, and computation in environments that are complex, dynamic, and deeply uncertain. Read more

PhD Position: Rare-earth based photonic devices for quantum information processing

Description. The University of New South Wales and the Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology seeks enthusiastic candidates for a PhD position in the field of rare-earth ions based experimental photonics for quantum information processing (. Read more

Computing and Information Sciences Ph.D.

In the computing and information sciences Ph.D., you will conduct both foundational and applied research to address diverse and important challenges within and beyond computing and benefit from world-class faculty, diverse academic offerings, and modern facilities. Read more

Highly adaptable photonic quantum interfaces: wavelength and bandwidth conversion

The University of Bath is inviting applications for the following funded PhD project commencing as soon as possible. The goal of this PhD project is to develop optical fibre devices to allow increased connectivity and flexibility in quantum information networks of the future. Read more

ML for energy efficient 6G networks

Nowadays, researchers have started to conceptualize 6G with the vision of connecting everything, transmission over mmWave and THz, and integrating sensing, communication, computation, and control functionalities. Read more

Liquid Transistors: Real-time Probabilistic Computing with Non-linear Analogue Components

"Perfection has always been expensive". An area where this is certainly true, and is rapidly becoming more so, is electronic systems design where the goal is to perform useful, stable computation. Read more

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