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  Self-Learning Intrusion Detection System Through Machine Learning (Advert Reference: SF18/CIS/ISSAC)
  Dr B Isaac
Applications accepted all year round
As network applications are increasingly used with the popularity of broadband networks and Internet of Things (IoT), network security is a very important issue.
  Formal methods for modelling and analysis of protocols and algorithms for swarm robotics (Advert reference: SF18/CIS/MOON)
  Dr A Moon
Applications accepted all year round
Ensuring the correctness of protocols and algorithms for the coordination of robotic swarms is a challenging problem, involving reasoning about continuous dynamics and probabilistic behaviour.
  Controlling the growth of cultured neuronal networks for the creation of animats
  Dr B Metcalfe, Dr P Rocha, Dr M Cole
Application Deadline: 1 April 2019
A cultured neuronal network is a cell culture of biological neurons that is used as a model to study the nervous system, especially the brain.
  Unsupervised Predictive Algorithms for Data Streaming Mining coping with unlabelled classes input
  Dr F Stahl, Prof A Badii
Application Deadline: 18 March 2019
The field of Data Stream Mining is concerned with the analytics of high velocity Big Data Streams. A data stream is a sequence of consecutive data instances that is infinite and generated in real-time.
  PhD Studentship in Programmable Network Systems - Understanding how Programmability can impact the design of networks as well as their services.
  Dr G Antichi
Application Deadline: 31 March 2019
Applications are invited for a full PhD Studentship starting in late 2019 to undertake research in the area of Programmable Network Systems.
  Exploiting symmetries for network control
  Research Group: Pure Mathematics
  Dr R Sanchez-Garcia, Dr M Brede
Applications accepted all year round
In recent years the use of networks has been very successful in the study of complex real-world systems. From social, engineering, biological or communication networks, this approach has improved the understanding of structural and functional properties of such systems.
  A hybrid-systems approach to uncover complex networks behaviour
  Dr E Navarro-Lopez
Applications accepted all year round
A synchronised school of fish swimming in the sea; a network of computer systems; the evolution of a flock of birds; the controlled motion of swarm satellites; the cooperation of several robotic systems to accomplish a common goal; social networks; water or electrical power distribution systems.
  Complex network control of stem cell derived cultures
  Prof S Nasuto, Dr E Delivopoulos, Dr Y Hayashi
Applications accepted all year round
"In order to create a next generation of interfaces between prosthetic devices and the nervous system or to create next generation of intelligent robots – hybrids between artificial and biological systems, it is necessary to understand the principles that allow biological networks to achieve control of bodies.
  Artificial Intelligence in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Networks
  Dr Y Liu
Application Deadline: 30 March 2019
With the rapid development of control technology and manufacture business, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which were originally initiated by the military…
  Developing a new learning algorithm for biologically inspired spiking neural networks
  Dr A Taherkhani, Prof TM McGinnity, Dr G Cosma
Applications accepted all year round
The brain’s processing ability to solve complex problems has inspired many researchers to investigate how the brain processes information, reasons and its learning mechanisms.
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