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conflict PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 34 conflict PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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The Impact of War on Persons with Disabilities in Ukraine.

As of March 2023, the war continues to rage across Ukraine. Millions of Ukrainians have fled their country in search of safety and security, millions more have been displaced internally or remain stranded in affected areas, and hundreds of thousands have been forcibly deported/ relocated to Russia. Read more

PhD opportunities in Politics, International Relations and History at Brunel University London

Become a part of our network of researchers and scholars, advising policymakers. 100% of our Politics/History research impact is world-leading or globally excellent (REF). Read more

Delegation in Complex Conflicts

In the last decade, principal–agent theory has almost completely dominated theorizing on conflict delegation. Although not without criticism, it is fair to say that principal– agent theory has become the dominant framework through which we have come to study external support to non-state armed groups. Read more

PhD (School of Social Sciences) Doctorate

Study a PhD at the University of Bradford and contribute new and significant knowledge to the diverse field of social sciences. Studying at our School of Social Sciences is an exciting opportunity. Read more

The Protection Offered by UN Peace Operations

United Nations (UN) peace operations are increasingly deployed to challenging situations of ongoing conflict with lofty expectations of being able to stabilise conflict zones, achieve national reconciliation, and rebuild state legitimacy. Read more
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Coastal and marine social values to inform co-management of marine parks

Location. Student will be based at Murdoch University’s School of Environmental and Conservation Sciences and Harry Butler Institute’s Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystems, South Street campus, Perth, Western Australia. Read more

Artificial Intelligence and Private International Law

Artificial intelligence has the potential for improving decision making and developing society. The practical application of artificial intelligence may have cross-border implications, raising questions of jurisdiction and applicable law. Read more

Research opportunities in the Department of Politics

The Department of Politics is at the heart of current thinking, research and debate, and home to a prestigious, lively and international community. Read more

History - Postgraduate Research Opportunities

History PhD/MA by Research (On-Campus or by Distance Learning). As a postgraduate researcher in the Department of History you will have the opportunity to work alongside academic staff whose research is at the forefront of current historical scholarship. Read more

Cultural Heritage - Postgraduate Research Opportunities

Cultural Heritage MA by Research/PhD/PhD by Distance Learning. Carry out postgraduate research in Cultural Heritage at the Ironbridge Centre for Heritage (ICH); a unique partnership between the University of Birmingham and Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust. Read more

Ableism, Microaggressions and the Law

Studies in Ableism (SiA) is now a recognised sub-specialism of critical disability studies and focuses on ways that abledment (the process of being/becoming ‘abled’) is located within societal processes and practices. Read more

Do Whey Protein Supplements Increase the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes?

Evidence from long-term prospective studies indicates that high consumption of some dairy protein products, a rich source of branched chain amino acids (BCAA) is associated with an improvement in glycaemic control and a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. Read more

Politics, Languages & International Studies PhD

As a PhD student in the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies at the University of Bath you will benefit from working in one of the top rated departments in the country. Read more

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