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We have 26 crop science PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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PhD Studentship in Biology: Exploring the Role of Nutrient Transport Mechanisms in Models of Animal-Microbe Symbiosis

Overview. Understanding how symbiotic relationships between microorganisms and host animals are maintained is key to our understanding of how their physiology, ecological dynamics, evolutionary processes and, ultimately, survival are influenced. Read more

Multi-vehicle routing problem in dynamic environments

We are currently recruiting a candidate to investigate multi-vehicle routing in dynamic environments. The project will develop an integrated multi-vehicle routing and trajectory planning method for environments that change based on the operations of the vehicles. Read more

Co-benefits and Trade-offs for Regenerative Agriculture

Project description. Nearly 70% of UK land area and 50% of European Union (EU) land is used for agriculture. These landscapes have been shaped by centuries of large-scale human impacts through traditional or intensive land-use systems. Read more

MSc by Research: Signaling pathways controlling epidermal development in cereals

Plants living on land face brutal threats from pests, dehydration and temperature. To survive and thrive, land plants evolved a waxy ‘cuticle’ and distinctive epidermal cells such as gas pores and defensive barbs. Read more

MSc by Research: Regulation of Architecture in Barley

Plant architecture, or body plan, plays a key role in determining grain yield of crop plants. However, we have little understanding of the molecular genetic basis of architecture in the temperate cereals such as barley (Hordeum vulgare L.), especially in comparison to the warm weather crops such as rice (Oryza sativa). Read more

Self-funded project: New biological diagnostics for environmental contaminants

Application accepted for either MSc by Research or PhD. We are interested in using biological methods to detect both biological and chemical contamination in environmental samples. Read more

Functional analysis of drought tolerance promoting endophytes in the growth zone of maize leaves

Research project . In addition to the growth promoting interactions between the soil microbiome and plants there is growing evidence that areal plant tissues have their own microbiome of endophytes. Read more

Shedding light on the functioning of root-fungal symbioses with high resolution isotopic imaging

In this exciting multi-disciplinary project, you will work at the interface between physical and biological sciences, using the latest technologies in both to address key questions that underlie food security in the face of changing climates. Read more

MSc by Research: Jasmonate control of barley development

From the earliest farmers to modern plant breeders, humans have continually modified the body plan of cereals, sometimes drastically, to generate higher grain yields. Read more

Micro-Bio-Mechanical Modelling of root growth in soils

The extent and the way roots grow in the ground is known to have a fundamental impact on the growth of crop plants as well as on the resistance to lodging induced by storms. Read more

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