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  DTC CS 6 - Data Mining and Predictive Data Analytics
  Dr X Xie
Applications accepted all year round
The Swansea Vision group ( has been working very closely with collaborator in health and social sciences. This project aims to develop robust and efficient analytical predictive tools using advanced data mining and machine learning.
  Unsupervised Predictive Algorithms for Data Streaming Mining coping with unlabelled classes input
  Dr F Stahl, Prof A Badii
Application Deadline: 4 March 2019
The field of Data Stream Mining is concerned with the analytics of high velocity Big Data Streams. A data stream is a sequence of consecutive data instances that is infinite and generated in real-time.
  Data mining techniques for road safety policy making
  Dr H Evdorides
Applications accepted all year round
Road safety is associated with target setting at policy making lever. Such targets are usually associated with statistical analysis of accident data.
  Automated Big data analysis - to exploit artificial intelligence techniques in order to allow the automation of the data analysis and feature extraction tasks
  Dr A Starkey, Dr M N Campbell-Bannerman
Applications accepted all year round
The amount of data in today’s world is ever increasing, and has even led to new terms describing this as in Big Data.
  Experimental study and data mining of microbial enhanced oil recovery processes
  Dr A Sharifi, Dr R Rafati
Applications accepted all year round
Enhanced oil recovery processes have been developing fast over the last 2 decades to improve both the economics and efficiency of hydrocarbon recovery.
  Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Healthcare and Medicine
  Dr H-l Wei
Applications accepted all year round
Currently a massive amount of datasets in relation to medicine and healthcare are available. There is an increasing demand for effective and efficient methods to discover new knowledge and derive new insights into the data.
  Machine learning techniques for the optimisation and simulation of Metal Additive Layer Manufacturing process chains
  Dr S Bigot, Dr P Kerfriden, Dr Z Ji, Dr M Packianather
Applications accepted all year round
The aim of this PhD is to develop new data analytic tools (e.g. machine learning, data mining) to support the understanding, the optimisation and the Multi-scale and multi-physics simulation of metal Additive Layer Machining (ALM) process chains.
  Scalable Data Science and Big Data Systems
  Dr S Ray
Applications accepted all year round
Project objectives. Data systems are going through a major transition due to the challenges of Big Data processing. The volume and velocity of data generated from a variety of sources are far outpacing the available storage and processing capacity.
  Development of Scalable Analytics Methods for real-time Data Streams
  Dr F Stahl
Applications accepted all year round
"Recent advances in data acquisition and processing hardware stress state-of-the-art data processing hardware. This project is developing new computationally mechanisms for the analytics of real-time streaming data for applications such as.
  To determine if global N and P availability explains why most plant genomes are small, despite a huge range in angiosperm genome sizes
  Prof AR Leitch, Dr IJ Leitch
Application Deadline: 31 January 2019
Angiosperms (flowering plants) not only have the largest range in genome size (GS) for any comparable eukaryotic group, varying c.
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