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  New antimicrobial strategies for dental materials
  Prof B Su
Applications accepted all year round
Oral bacteria can attach to many dental materials to form biofilms. In order to achieve long-term success of dental restorations, it is important to render dental materials with antimicrobial properties.
  A novel approach to developing rechargeable fluoride containing polymeric dental materials
  Prof M Patel, Dr N Karpukhina
Applications accepted all year round
Background. Fluoride has the potential to inhibit caries by promoting remineralisation of carious lesions and acid eroded enamel.
  Development of new nanocomposite materials for dental application
  Dr C Meledandri
Applications accepted all year round
The University of Otago and Silventum Limited, a new spin-out company co-founded by Dr Carla Meledandri, are seeking a top-class candidate to undertake research leading to a PhD in the area of nanomaterials/materials science for dentistry.
  Modelling and assessment of diffusion processes of strontium-based bone fillers and its effect on human tissues
  Dr H Batchelor, Dr J Camilleri, Prof PR Cooper
Application Deadline: 31 December 2018
Loss of bone can occur due to disease or trauma. From the dental and orthopaedic perspective, bone loss can occur following dental infections in non-vital teeth, infections after implant placement and trauma.
  EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Polymers, Soft Matter & Colloids
Study for a distinctive PhD degree in the research areas of Polymers, Soft Matter and Colloids at The University of Sheffield that offers.
  Developing novel bioactive restorative materials
  Dr J Camilleri, Dr M Milward, Prof PR Cooper
Applications accepted all year round
This work will focus on gingival recession and the use of smart dental material in order to mitigate it. Gingival recession is prevalent in the adult population with studies suggesting that approximately 50% of the population has one or more recession defects this increases to 88% in over 65 year olds.
  Optimisation of mesenchymal stem cell interactions with photoactive materials for dental and orthopaedic repair
  Prof W Palin, Dr R M Shelton, Dr P Cooper
Applications accepted all year round
For repair and replacement of dental tissue, “photoactive” biomaterials offer significant benefits since light curing provides a fully controllable setting mechanism of a single paste system, which requires no mixing by the surgeon.
  Dental and facial reduction during human evolution and its impact on food processing.
  Dr L Fitton
Application Deadline: 4 February 2019
During the evolution of Homo several major changes have occurred in masticatory form including a reduction in facial prognathism and a reduction in dental size.
  Cellular responses to radiation curing of resin-composite materials
  Dr R M Shelton, Prof W Palin, Dr P Cooper
Applications accepted all year round
Ultraviolet and visible light energy is routinely used for crosslinking a multitude of biomaterial applications ranging from hydrogels for tissue engineering and drug delivery, laser activated surgical adhesives to resin-based composite dental restoratives.
  Establishing a Scientific-Evidence Base for a Paradigm Shift for Regenerative Clinical Dentistry
  Dr J Camilleri
Applications accepted all year round
Management of diseases to the dental pulp is undertaken clinically using protocols that are historical and have no scientific background.
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