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deposits PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 18 deposits PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Undercover Mineralisation – Identifying mineral enrichments beneath glacial deposits in northeast Scotland utilising machine learning

The University of Aberdeen is an internationally recognised centre for excellence for research addressing the global challenges of energy transition, environment and biodiversity, social inclusion and cultural diversity, health, nutrition and wellbeing, and data and artificial intelligence. Read more

Material degradation study of heat-exchanger materials and coatings for renewable energy PhD

This is a self-funded PhD position to work with Dr Adnan Syed in the Surface Engineering and Precision Centre. The PhD project will focus studying high temperature corrosion mechanisms in details to identify the material degradation and coatings applications details in extreme environments. Read more

Smart Surfaces for Anti-Scaling

Scaling and mineral deposits that occur due to dissolved materials in water is a problem in many industrial applications. How to remove this scaling without the use of harsh chemicals or methods to prevent it is crucial importance to both the environment and the economy. Read more

Sustainable Alternative Routes to Chemicals and Fuels via Carbocatalysis

The global climate emergency presents pressing challenges around identifying sustainable routes to fuels and chemicals, the production of which currently relies on fossil and other unsustainable resources, including precious metals. Read more

Mechanochemical greenhouse gas capture into silicate-based rocks

This PhD project will explore how mechanochemical carbon dioxide capture process can be translated into industrial ore processing systems for three major ore deposits (copper, iron and platinum group ores). Read more

Multiscale investigation of corrosion deposition in high temperature high pressure water for nuclear power plants

We are pleased to present an exciting PhD opportunity in collaboration with Rolls-Royce, providing a unique chance for candidates to participate in a multiscale investigation of corrosion deposition in high-temperature, high-pressure water for nuclear power plants. Read more

Symbols of power, prestige goods or vibrant materials? Rethinking gold, jet and amber grave goods in Early Bronze Age Britain.

The project forms one strand of the Leverhulme Funded Research Leadership Award, A New History of Bronze. This project explores how the emergence and use of copper and bronze metalworking in this period created new possibilities for crafting, leadership and violence. Read more

Alkali Metal Mediation (AMM) in Chemical Manufacture and Fuel Technology

Applications are invited for a fully funded 36-month PhD studentship sponsored by Innospec Limited, a global specialty chemicals company focused on bringing innovative new technologies to the market to start in October 2024. Read more
Last chance to apply

Evaluation of the Holocene Azorean tephra dispersal into Europe and its links with atmospheric circulation patterns in the North Atlantic

Explosive volcanic eruptions produce ash clouds that affect large areas of land, ocean, and airspace. Atmospheric circulation patterns play a key role in the dispersal pattern of the volcanic ash as it depends on both wind directions and speed. Read more

Nano-particle enhanced Additive Manufacturing of aluminum alloys

Additive manufacturing is rapidly developing manufacturing concept; however, metal additive manufacturing has seen numerous inconsistencies regarding methods of controlling and standardizing the performance of the deposits from the metal additive manufacturing process. Read more

Control of Membrane Fouling by Vibrations

Supervisory Team.   Dr Anatoliy Vorobev, Dr Zheng Jiang, Dr Peter Glynne-Jones. Project description. Membrane filtration has emerged as an essential component of industrial processes that involve separation (or purification) of substances. Read more

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