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design PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 1,160 design PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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PhD opportunities in Design at Brunel University London

Apply your artistic and design thinking, creative engineering knowledge, digital media and making skills while doing research at one of the best places in the world to study and research design. Read more

Institute for Design Innovation Research

PhD. 3 years full-time; 6 years part-time. MPhil. 2 years full-time; 4 years part-time. Entry Requirements. An honours degree [2:1 or above] or equivalent overseas qualification. Read more

PhD Opportunities in Art, Media Arts and Design

We warmly invite applications for full-time or part-time self-funded PhD study. About the PhD programme. Research in the Art, Design and Media Research Centre (ADMRC) employs critical and imaginative art, media and design strategies to investigate and problematise social and cultural norms. Read more

More than Human Design

What are the implications for design when humans are no longer at the centre of the ensemble? This project with explore the next generation of design methods that can reveal the requirements of a system that is composed of human and non-human agents. Read more

Circular design tools for the metal sector

The PhD project will be linked to the UKRI Circular Metal Research Centre. In particular it will support the design stream of the programme. Read more

Development of Design Support Systems and Tools for Distributed Manufacturing

With the ongoing efforts in supply chain resilience, manufacturers are slowly beginning to shift to de-risking their manufacturing strategy by onshoring and re-establishing some of their operations in a more 'closely knit' design for manufacturing communities. Read more

PhD Studentship - I2AM-BirD: Innovative Integration of Advanced Materials for Bird-tracking tag antenna Design

A rare opportunity for a mechanical/materials graduate engineer to advance the study of wild birds at a thriving modern university and alongside an international market leader in the design and manufacture of bird tracking devices, in the lovely south coast county of Dorset. . Read more

Doctorate by Design in Landscape Architecture

The Doctorate by Design from the University of Sheffield, is the first PhD programme in the UK in which you can combine creative practice, with critical analysis in Landscape Architecture. Read more

The user-centred design of next-generation body armour and apparel

Military and Policing personnel encounter a range of potentially life-threatening dangers, with body armour and associated apparel pivotal in protecting these individuals by reducing the possibility of sustaining life-threatening injuries. Read more

Design of virtual immersive environments for advanced anatomy training

Virtual immersive environments, including those that are anticipated to become available in the context of the Metaverse – a future immersive virtual world envisaged as a hypothetical iteration of the Internet – hold significant potential for future healthcare education. Read more

Product design optimisation for automated disassembly and recycling

In order to tackle the triple planetary crisis of climate change, air pollution and biodiversity loss, the current linear economy, which adheres to a take-make-use-dispose philosophy, is being transformed into a circular economy, aims to make more effective use of resources and thus creating a zero waste and emission ecosystem. Read more

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