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  Influence of underlying matrix on induced pluripotent stem cell differentiation and integration of trabecular meshwork cells
  Dr CM Sheridan, Dr R Oldershaw
Applications accepted all year round
There is an urgent need for further treatment options for the blinding condition of Glaucoma Unfortunately with age there is a progressive loss of cells (Trabecular meshwork) from the eye’s outflow pathway which is even more severe with patients with glaucoma.
  Targeting TPT1 in Acute Myleoid Leukemia to Improve Autophagy-Dependent Differentiation Therapy
  Prof T Ochsenreiter, Prof MT Tschan
Application Deadline: 28 February 2019
The tumor protein, translationally-controlled 1 (TPT1) is a multifunctional, universally conserved protein implicated as a potential drug target in human cancer therapy.
  Differentiation of B lymphocytes in response to vaccination
  Prof K Toellner
Applications accepted all year round
B lymphocytes upon contact by antigens undergo a complex programme of differentiation and migration through lymphoid microenvironments, before they differentiate into either plasma cells or convert into memory B cells.
  (STFC DTP) Volatile processing during planetary differentiation: insights from Asteroid 4 Vesta
  Research Group: Isotope Geochemistry & Planetary Science
  Dr B O'Driscoll, Prof R Burgess, Dr R Garwood
Application Deadline: 11 February 2019
Introduction. Image looking down at Vesta’s north pole. This image of Vesta was taken from the last sequence of images of NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, looking down at Vesta’s north pole.
  (A*STAR) Programming human pancreatic progenitors for endocrine differentiation
  Prof N Hanley, Dr R Jennings
Application Deadline: 31 January 2019
There is an exciting opportunity for a PhD student to undertake highly distinctive, interdisciplinary research on human pancreatic beta cell differentiation.
  (BBSRC DTP) Integrative statistical inference methods for eukaryotic gene regulation with applications to embryonic stem cell differentiation
  Prof M Rattray, Dr I Iqbal, Prof A Sharrocks
Application Deadline: 31 January 2019
Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) can differentiate into different cell types through intermediary cell states and deeper understanding of the regulatory control underlying these differentiation stages is a very important topic in the study of mammalian development (Yang et al., 2014).
  Integrating mechanical and chemical cues in stem cell migration and differentiation
  Dr P Caswell, Dr J-M Schwartz, Dr J Swift
Applications accepted all year round
Adult stem cells are found in most tissues, and the interaction between stem cells and their niche tightly controls their self-renewal and differentiation state.
  Transcriptional Control of Stem Cell Differentiation
  Research Group: Gene Expression
  Dr S Cowley
Applications accepted all year round
The ability to regulate the transcriptional activity of protein coding genes is one of the most fundamental processes of life. The transcriptional potential of a gene is directly related to its chromatin context, which in turn, is influenced by the covalent modification of its core histone components.
  Gene Regulation: How mammalian genes are switched on and off during development and differentiation and how this goes awry in human genetic diseases
  Prof D Higgs, Assoc Prof J Hughes, Dr R Gibbons, Dr V Buckle
Application Deadline: 26 July 2019
Other Potential Supervisors. Mira Kassouf. Our laboratory addresses the question of how mammalian genes are switched on and off during development, lineage commitment and differentiation.
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