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We have 165 distribution PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Global diversity and ecosystem functions of plant-microbe symbioses

  Research Group: CENTA - Central England NERC Training Alliance
Project Highlights. We have discovered a previously unknown and abundant plant- mycorrhizal symbiosis with global distribution. Read more

Reconstruction of Transverse Beam Distribution using Machine Learning

The beam transverse distribution in CERN's high-radiation environment is measured by imaging the light generated by the particle beam hitting a scintillating screen, using cameras produced in-house based on radiation hard tubes. Read more

Planning and Design of Distribution Networks with Integration of Smart Grid Technologies

  Research Group: Communication and Networks
The UK Government’s target is to achieve 15% of electricity generation from renewable energy sources (RES) by 2020. The installation of large amounts of RES in distribution networks introduces several economic and technical challenges to distribution network operators (DNOs). Read more

Global distribution, costs and shipment of Green Hydrogen

Supervisory Team.   Dominic Hudson. Project description. In response to the climate crisis and to tackle global warming through reducing emissions, we must decarbonise the world’s energy. Read more

Risky asset models with dependence and heavy-tailed distributions

It is now generally accepted that heavy-tailed distributions occur commonly in practice. Their use is now widespread in communication network, risky asset and insurance modelling. Read more

Understanding the type, distribution and mechanical properties of interfaces in geological systems

Funding and Deadline. To be eligible for support, applicants must be “UK Residents” as defined by the EPSRC1. The studentship is for 3.5 years starting in October 2022 and will provide full coverage of standard tuition fees and an annual tax-free stipend of approximately £17,609. Read more

Quantum Key Distribution

  Research Group: School of Physics and Astronomy
One of the biggest likely threats to cryptography is the current rapid progress in quantum computing. One of the most likely candidates to meet this threat is quantum key distribution, however this potentially leads to an enormous cost in creating the necessary infrastructure. Read more

Duality methods in Bayesian inference for hidden Markov models

Abstract. The project deals with Bayesian inference on the trajectory of a diffusion process or on the parameters that characterize its drift and volatility, under the assumption of a hidden Markov model framework with noisy data collection. Read more

Deciphering the role of white and brown adipocytes in metabolic disease

Our work focuses on understanding how obesity drives the development of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Specifically, it aims to decipher molecular determinants of adipocyte number and distribution within the body; key factors of susceptibility to obesity-associated cardiometabolic diseases. Read more
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Efficient and Flexible Point-to-Multipoint Content Distribution in 5G and Beyond

This EPSRC iCASE PhD studentship with BT is working in the newly launched 6GIC at the University of Surrey and focuses on broadcast and multicast point-to-multipoint (PTM) technologies for 5G and beyond. Read more

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