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document PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 110 document PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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AI for visual information extraction and document/text analysis

The Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (PRImA) research Lab develops solutions to real-world problems, delivering outstanding impact in terms of reach and significance (4* research impact in REF2021). Read more

Virtual unrolling of scrolls [Self-Funded Students Only]

  Research Group: Visual Computing
There are many historic scrolled parchments in collections that are extremely delicate due to age as well as to damage caused by fire, water, etc. Read more

MscR: Early executive function development

Dr Holmboe’s research focuses on the development of executive functions during infancy and early childhood. Executive functions (EFs) are a set of cognitive abilities that allow us to guide our behaviour and make adaptive decisions in everyday life. Read more

Novel AI methods for zoonotic disease prevention and prediction - Host association studies of Salmonella Typhimurium using Machine Learning

In this PhD project you will join a Government-Academia collaborative project to develop novel computational approaches to detect and predict a type of infectious diseases termed zoonotic disease that can be transmitted between species, from animals to humans (and vice-versa). . Read more

The role of the oral microbiome and dietary nitrate in health outcomes in dementia (VC23017)

The University of the West of Scotland (UWS) is seeking to attract a PhD candidate of outstanding ability and commitment to join its vibrant and growing postgraduate research community in a programme of internationally excellent research. Read more

MScR: How does dopamine signalling shape behaviour?

“Shall I go and get something to eat?” At some point in the past few hours, this question may have crossed your mind. Our ability to move towards our goals, and the motivational decisions that regulate these movements, define almost every aspect of our lives. Read more

Role of the Rho GTPase RhoD in cancer

Epithelial cancers such as breast cancer become difficult to treat when they invade the surrounding tissues, eventually entering the blood stream and spreading to other parts of the body to form metastases. Read more

MScR: Designing mechanism-based cancer therapies

Tumours deploy a multitude of molecular stratagems to evade the effects of drugs. In particular, oncogenic factors such as RAS are frequently amplified or mutated in cancer cells. Read more

MScR: Endosomal Trafficking Dysfunction in Astrocytes: A Roadmap to Alzheimer’s disease?

Previously thought of as only a support cell for neurons, astrocytes have now been shown to play an essential role in regulating synaptic activity and regulating transmitter uptake and release. Read more

Machine learning and Natural Language Processing for authorship identification

  Research Group: School of Arts, Languages and Cultures
Authorship identification, sometimes also called authorship attribution or authorship analysis, is the task of determining who wrote a document based on the author’s use of language. Read more

Re-engineering Golgi dynamics in plants – investigating the role of myosin receptors

The growing global population requires the development of novel strategies to sustainably increase food production. Organelle movement is dynamic and linked to changes in cell size, plant biomass and in response to factors which affect food production such as pathogens (Perico and Sparkes, New Phytol. Read more

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