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  Transdermal and Topical Drug Delivery: developing novel formulations to increase drug delivery into and through skin
  Prof A Williams
Applications accepted all year round
Human skin is a remarkable self-repairing barrier that controls the ingress of environmental contaminants and regulates water loss from the body.
  Developing a class of self-immolitive near-infrared (NIR) responsive polymers for triggered drug delivery
  Dr S Jones
Applications accepted all year round
The use of polymers for drug delivery is a well-established field. Typically drugs are loaded into polymer micelles, vesicles or hydrogels and passively released overtime.
  Developing novel formulations and materials for transmucosal drug delivery
  Prof V Khutoryanskiy
Applications accepted all year round
Mucosal routes of drug administration offer numerous advantages including ease of application, non-invasive nature and sometimes possibility of targeting particular organs.
  Development of nanomedicines for the treatment of eye diseases
  Dr VR Kearns, Dr T McDonald
Applications accepted all year round
The overall aim of this project is to develop new ways to deliver drugs to the back of the eye. Diseases involving the back of the eye can lead to sight loss, significantly reducing quality of life and economic opportunities of those affected.
  Dual-Action Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery Vehicles
  Prof D K Smith
Applications accepted all year round
Cancer is a challenging disease target, and requires wide-ranging strategies for intervention. Given the difficulties in treating recalcitrant tumours, multi-mode therapies are of significant potential value.
  PhD Studentship - Layer-by-Layer quantum dots-based nanotheranostics: combined drug delivery and breast cancer imaging
  Dr A Phan, Dr P Gentile
Application Deadline: 29 March 2019
Number of awards. 1. Start date and duration. September 2019 for 3.5 years. Overview. Breast cancer is the major cancer mortality in females.
  Mathematical modelling of targeted drug delivery using coated microbubbles
  Dr Q Wang
Applications accepted all year round
Chemotherapy is the main treatment available for cancers. The toxic nature of chemotherapy drugs is essential for killing cancer cells but also has detrimental side effects.
  Synthesis of Microcarriers for Focal Drug Delivery to the Brain
  Dr B Newland
Applications accepted all year round
For neurodegenerative diseases, where a specific cell type is lost, it is possible to consider replacing these cells to restore the lost function.
  Optimising Drug Delivery to Targets within the Spleen by Understanding the Relationship Between Drug Structure and Drug Disposition
  Dr S Paine, Dr J Kaler
Application Deadline: 4 April 2019
The spleen is a key target organ for immunotherapy as it contains a high concentration of lymphocytes and macrophages. Drug interaction with these two cell types may have implications both in terms of therapeutic or toxic activity and in terms of drug disposition.
  PhD in mm-wave Assisted Targeted Drug Delivery Technologies
  Dr A Khalid, Dr I L Morrow
Applications accepted all year round
mm-wave technology is an important area of research in medical treatments and it has been known to have properties to stop bleeding in internal wounds.
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