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We have 121 drug design PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Design of novel inhibitors of AIM-2 for the treatment of inflammation.

Inflammation is a contributing factor in a range of therapeutic areas including stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. A cause of Inflammation is through the activation of multi-protein complexes called inflammasomes, which facilitates the release of cytokines, including IL-1b. Read more

Medicinal Chemistry Project: Synthesis of novel small molecules for the potential treatment of the asbestos induced lung cancer mesothelioma

The Project. In developing a new therapeutic agent, there are two questions to address. how to get the potential drug to the specific site in the body where it is needed and second, does it do what we want it to do at the target site and without undesirable side effects. Read more

Towards the development of a novel class of broad-spectrum anti-infective drugs

Through exceptionally strong research collaborations at the interface of chemistry, biology, and medicine, we have applied innovative thinking to the field of (Minor Groove Binders) MGBs to develop a novel platform for drug discovery with the potential to treat an impressive range of diseases, including bacterial, fungal, parasitic, and viral infections. Read more

Using Statistical Machine Learning to Design Particles for Drug Delivery

Loughborough University has seen 94% of our research impact rated as ‘world-leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’, underlining the wide-ranging positive impacts that our research has on the world (REF, 2021). Read more

Artemisinin Derivatives to Fight Malaria

A self-funded PhD position is available in the Fielding and Ismail research groups. We investigate unpaired electron species that play an important role in biological and materials chemistry. Read more

Development of peptide hydrogel as an anticancer drug carrier

Growth in nanotechnologies can now be exploited to enable engineering of new drug delivery systems for enhancing the entrapment of drugs in nano-sized structures with tailored physical properties to suit therapeutic need. Read more

In situ HDX-MS of membrane protein-ligand interactions

The project aims to develop an HDX-MS workflow to profile ligand-membrane protein interactions. The identification of hits with high selectivity constitutes an important landmark for the design and development of novel therapeutics. Read more

PhD studentship in Artificial Intelligence for Phenotypic Virtual Screening

Environment. Imperial College London is consistently rated as one of the World’s leading universities (. Read more

Neuropeptide Research – PhD Position at a World Class Institution

Neuropeptides are key mediators in many biological functions and understanding their interaction with target proteins is fundamental to unravel the underlying mechanism of diseases. Read more

Sustained Release Nanocarriers for Ocular Drug Delivery

Ophthalmic drug delivery remains the most challenging task to pharmaceutical scientists. This is due to the unique structure of the eye, which restricts the entry of drug molecules at the required site of action. Read more

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