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  Inner ear development and evolution - investigating prenatal development of the inner ear region at the micro and macro-anatomical level
  Dr N Jeffery
Applications accepted all year round
Sound and head movements are detected by the inner ear, providing signals that are integral to how species move, interact and survive (e.g.
  Development of a human cell-based model for otitis media
  Prof C Bingle, Dr L Bingle
Applications accepted all year round
Project details. Otitis media (OM) is the leading cause of paediatric surgery and the most frequent reason for the prescribing of antibiotics.
  Data Sonification in Accelerators and Particle Physics
  Dr D Vicinanza
Applications accepted all year round
Research Group. Sound and Game Engineering (SAGE) Research Group.
  PhD-Student Position in Synaptic Neuroscience: investigating the developmental aspects of IHC pre-synaptogenesis in auditory hair cells
  Dr C Vogl
Application Deadline: 31 January 2019
PhD-Student Position in Synaptic Neuroscience funding is available for 3.5 years, part time 65 % | salary according to TV-L. The University Medical Center Göttingen is a tertiary care center and offers great development potential.
  Characteristics and predictors of overtreatment in the UK - analysis of electronic primary care records
  Prof T Marshall
Applications accepted all year round
BACKGROUND. Overtreatment not only exposes patients to unnecessary risks of side-effects and complications, but also wastes limited healthcare resources.
  Unravelling early teleost relationships: diversification at the dawn of the most successful fish radiation
  Dr S Giles, Dr Z Johanson
Application Deadline: 21 January 2019
With over 30,000 living species ubiquitous in all aquatic environments, teleost ray-finned fishes represent the largest living vertebrate group.
  Neural adaptations to age-related changes in vestibular hair cell function
  Dr R Reynolds
Application Deadline: 6 January 2019
The vestibular system is a set of inertial motion sensors within the inner ear, crucial for controlling balance and eye movements.
  (MBRC) Widening uptake and adherence to treatment with hearing aids via a new model of service delivery
  Prof K Munro, Dr M Stone, Prof H Dillon, Dr D Moore
Application Deadline: 18 January 2019
The average age of first-time wearers of hearing aids dispensed by the NHS is 74 years, by which time candidates typically have a moderate hearing loss and are struggling in many listening situations.
  Returning to the Ocean: The Transitional Mechanics of Legged Whales
  Dr W Sellers, Dr L Margetts
Application Deadline: 6 February 2019
Darwinian evolution, descent with modification, is elegantly supported by the primary evidence that maps change within recognisable lineages in the fossil record.
  PhD Studentship: Sensing and Sampling Drone for Water Quality Monitoring
  Dr L Ponce-Cuspinera
Applications accepted all year round
Autonomous and semi-autonomous quadcopters are being used in various applications of our daily lives, and new applications and developments are constantly achieved by research and innovation.
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