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economy PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 321 economy PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Development of Informational Systems to support the Circular Economy

With the increasing demand for the provision of buildings and infrastructure and at the same time reducing material and energy supplies available usage, the adoption of a circular economy offers one viable solution to address these challenges. Read more

Business and Management Skills for the Space Economy

Glasgow Caledonian University, The Glasgow School for Business and Society. Glasgow School for Business and Society | Glasgow Caledonian University | Scotland, UK ( Read more

QUADRAT DTP: Assessing the Feasibility of a Hydrogen Economy in Scotland: Implications for Water Resources and Environmental Sustainability

This fully funded, 42-month PhD project is part of the QUADRAT Doctoral Training Partnership. The concept of a hydrogen economy has been gaining traction in recent years as a potential accelerator towards decarbonization and achieving net-zero carbon societies [1]. Read more

Reverse Logistics and Inclusive growth in circular economy, are we ready yet? (Ref: RDF24/BL/MOS/MA)

Although most of the research on logistics and supply chain management has focused on forward logistics (e.g., Ma et al., 2022), the area of reverse logistics (RL), which involves the supply chain process of moving products from end customers to retain/recapture value for circular economy, is gaining increasing attention and importance (Govindan and Solemani, 2017). Read more

Innovating for a Sustainable Future: The Crucial Role of SMEs in Fostering Green Economy and Achieving Net Zero Emissions

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a crucial role in achieving net zero targets. They contribute significantly to the global economy and are responsible for a large portion of greenhouse gas emissions. Read more

Understanding and Supporting Labour Migration in the Digital Economy

Modern economies have become increasingly dependent on the service sector and the information economy. The workers involved in these sectors have had to adapt to increasingly automated scheduling and digital mediation of their labour. Read more

Twin transitions: how can veterans in the North East of England engage with the net zero economy?

Most service leavers need to work upon leaving the military (Walker, 2013), and the vast majority do so successfully and contribute positively to the civilian workforce (Deloitte, 2016; Iversen and Greenberg, 2009). Read more

Analysing a Sustainable Business Model for a Circular Economy Environment applying the System Dynamics Modelling Technique

This project involves developing a methodology for analysing and modelling more sustainable business models for organisations (offering both products and services) and which are seeking to take advantage of a dynamic circular economy environment. Read more

Reimagining the technology-based circular economy: generating opportunities from waste electrical and electronic equipment

  Research Group: Art and Design
This project focuses on developing sustainable design solutions and offers the successful candidate the opportunity to develop new approaches dealing with waste electrical and electronic equipment sustainability problems which can include policy-driven solutions, new technology or knowledge transfer schemes, new information sets in design and engineering, and innovation in the circular economy. Read more

Platforms and Political Economy of Digital Childhood

Deakin University – School of Education - Research for Educational Impact (REDI). We are currently seeking expressions of interest to undertake research at the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child, based at the Centre’s Deakin University node. Read more

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