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  Effects of chemicals on ecosystems: extrapolating from individuals to ecosystem function
  Prof L L Maltby, Dr D Childs, Dr N Galic
Application Deadline: 9 January 2019
Chemicals released into the environment can have adverse effects on ecosystems and the benefits they provide to people (i.e. ecosystem services).
  PhD in Applied Ecology - Developing data-driven modelling in Applied Ecology
  Prof R Freckleton
Applications accepted all year round
We live in a changing world and a challenge for ecologists is to forecast how such changes will impact on natural populations. We tackle problems such as forest management, weed invasions and predicting the impacts of land management on populations of plants, insects and birds.
  SCENARIO: The impacts of long-term declines in insect abundance on ecosystem function
  Mr D Roy, Prof T Oliver, Prof J Thomas, Dr T Johns
Application Deadline: 25 January 2019
The plight of insects has generated worldwide attention from the scientific community and wider public. Recent interest was stimulated by a 27 year study(1) suggesting a loss of 75% in the biomass of flying insects from Protected Areas in Germany, quickly labelled as ‘ecological Armageddon’.
  The Ultimate Limiting Nutrient for Oceanic Primary Production
  Prof T Tyrrell, Prof C Moore, Dr M Lohan
Application Deadline: 4 January 2019
Programme website. Project Rationale.
  Disease control and conservation: applying grazing pressure to solve ’The World’s Worst Wildlife Infectious Disease’
  Dr D J S Montagnes, Prof A Fenton
Application Deadline: 9 January 2019
BACKGROUND & TIMELINESS. Infectious diseases threaten ecosystem function, biodiversity, and humans through zoonotic infections. Water-borne diseases, in particular, are predicted to increase through anthropogenic factors, including climate-change.
  PhD in Ecology and Environment: how ecosystems, and the species they contain, respond to environmental change and how to reduce and mitigate adverse impacts
  Dr D Childs
Applications accepted all year round
Environmental change threatens biodiversity, altering ecosystem processes and provision of ecosystem services. These environmental change pressures are accelerating due to growing human populations and accompanying climate change, land use, pollution and invasive species.
  Valuing Ecosystem Services produced by the Colombian Páramos
  Research Group: The Roslin Institute
  Prof D Moran
Application Deadline: 10 January 2019
Project Summary. This project will use interdisciplinary methods to explore a production function approach to valuing hydrological services in Páramo case study sites.
  Quantifying the role of forest disturbance regimes in macroecology and carbon cycling
  Dr T Pugh, Dr E Marais
Applications accepted all year round
big advances in assessing the frequency with which forests are impacted by large disturbances worldwide (Hansen et al., 2014), but in many ecosystems small-medium-sized disturbances may be much more important (Espirito-Santo et al., 2014).
  The role of forest demography in controlling the terrestrial carbon sink
  Dr T Pugh, Dr T Matthews
Applications accepted all year round
Forest demography, that is the establishment and mortality rates of trees, and the structure of that vegetation within forests, is a fundamental factor underlying the function of a forest and the services it provides.
  What drives variability in tree mortality across global forests?
  Dr T Pugh, Dr T Matthews
Applications accepted all year round
Why do trees die? How do the rates and drivers of tree mortality vary from the tropical rainforest to the boreal? How do these mortality rates affect forest structure? These questions are crucial in order to understand large-scale forest dynamics.
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