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We have 116 electrical power PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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electrical power PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 116 electrical power PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Future electrical power generation system integration and control

With the projected increase in the contributions from renewable energy to the power generation mix in the foreseeable future, a new control strategy of power generation and supply need to be investigated to mitigate the impact of the uncertainties of renewable power sources. Read more


The Electrical and Electronic Engineering PhD degree programme develops your understanding of the research process and your ability to analyse and contribute to a particular research area. Read more

PhD in Energy Systems

This post invites applications for a self-funded PhD position aimed at advancing the science and technology of power systems. This research endeavour is nestled in the multifaceted domain of power system analysis, planning, and optimisation, with a sharp focus on the following research themes. Read more

Thermal hydraulics modelling of low-pressure, light water-cooled Small Modular Reactors

The Low-Pressure Water Reactor (LPWR) is a 300MW(e) pool-type water-cooled Small Modular Reactor (SMR) design in which the nuclear core is located at the bottom of a deep underground shaft instead of inside a pressure vessel. Read more

Delivering Sustainable Energy Solutions to Ports

Ports are major sources of greenhouse gas emissions as they commonly move up to 10,000 containers a day from ship to road or rail transport and correspondingly in the reverse direction from land transport onto ships. Read more

Development of High-Power-Density Power Module Based on GaN Monolithic Integration

With the increase of device switching frequency and power density, GaN devices are susceptible to parasitic parameters such as di/dt, dv/dt, and oscillation due to their low threshold voltage, resulting in device performance degradation and even circuit functional failures. Read more

Monolithic integrated GaN power devices with Integrated Gate Drivers

This project is dedicated to the study of the power integration technology based on GaN devices to realize the monolithic integration of main power high-voltage devices and low-voltage gate drive devices, current detection, overcurrent and overtemperature protection devices, etc., and to study the parasitic inductance distribution and influence of the drive loop. Read more

Novel stochastic control method for a class of complex networks

Complex systems, which contain large ensembles of elements interacting with each other and are affected by noises and uncertainties, have become one of the major research fields due to their presence in the real life. Read more

Advanced control of inverter-based resources to realize stable smart grids

Summary. The smart grid concept is paving the way towards efficient, reliable, and sustainable power systems. Inverter-based resources are among the most crucial components of the smart grid, interfacing renewable energy sources, storage devices, and electronic loads. Read more

Gas-Filled Plasma Closing Switches for the Next Generation of Pulsed Power Without SF6

The High Voltage Technologies Research Group of the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde, is offering an exciting opportunity to join the HVT Group as a PhD student and to undertake a PhD research project in the field of high voltage pulsed power engineering. Read more

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