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electronic PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 410 electronic PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Neuromorphic photonic-electronic integrated circuits for fast and efficient SPIKE-based information PROcessing (SPIKEPRO)

The human brain is exceptional at performing highly complex tasks fast and efficiently. Hence, neuromorphic (brain-like) information processing is receiving increasing research interest for use in novel computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) hardware. Read more

2D magnetic materials: probing magneto-electronic coupling

2D magnets are an exciting area of research for exploring fundamental magnetic phenomena and with the potential for new electronic and optoelectronic functionalities [1]. Read more

Straining the Electronic Structure

Experimental condensed matter physics PhD based around the development of a device to apply uniaxial strain during photoemission experiments, and its use to tune the electronic structure of quantum materials. Read more


The Electrical and Electronic Engineering PhD degree programme develops your understanding of the research process and your ability to analyse and contribute to a particular research area. Read more

Probing electronic structure and many-body interactions in thin-film correlated oxides

As part of a generously-funded Leverhulme research project, we seek an ambitious and motivated PhD student to join a research initiative aimed at investigating how the electronic structure and collective states of thin-film correlated oxides evolve with direct control over their material composition. Read more

Language meets Vision for Improving Overall Health-related Experiences

GTA funded PhD studentship in Computing. Highlights. Novel vision-language models for understanding social-economic data for clinical decision-making and generating pseudo-labels for medical image classification. Read more

Food & Beverage Revenue Management – Menu Design

1.0 Background. 1.1 F&B RM & Components. The origin of an airline’s yield management has proven its success and over time, it evolved as revenue management (RM). Read more
Last chance to apply

Fully funded PhD scholarship in Next Generation of Optical Neuroimaging

Duration of study. Full time - 4 years fixed term (1y MRes + 3y PhD). Starting date. September 2024. Application deadline. 24 May 2024 (interviews early June 2024). Read more

Defining the state-of-the-art in X-ray and electron spectroscopies for discerning the characteristic electronic structure of actinide materials

An EPSRC centre for doctorial training sponsored PhD studentship is available to undertake research in the field of actinide X-ray and electron spectroscopy in a collaborative project between AWE and two research groups at the University of Manchester. Read more

Development of broadband electronic warfare sensors for signal detection and direction finding

Who can apply? Australian & New Zealand Citizens. Industry partner and funding body SRC Aus Pty. Ltd. Defence Trailblazer. Program of study available Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) with the University of Adelaide. Read more

Electronic properties of ferroelectric domain walls

Perovskite oxides, materials with the simple chemical formula ABO3 (where A and B are positively charged cations), can exhibit a vast range of phenomena, including ferroelectricity, high-temperature superconductivity, and magnetism. Read more

Masters & PhD in Connected Electronic and Photonic Systems at UCL and Cambridge

4-year EPSRC funded studentships (fees and stipend) are available for eligible applicants. This 4-year programme is delivered by the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Connected Electronic and Photonic Systems (CEPS CDT), a joint centre between UCL and University of Cambridge. Read more

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