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energy efficient PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 169 energy efficient PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Ionogel Based Self-Powered Wearables for Energy Efficient e-health Monitoring

The Postgraduate Research Programme MedAgriTech AI eXcellence (MATX) offers 12 PhD research scholarships to commence in 2024. Each project will include an enterprise placement of minimum 12 weeks duration. Read more

Intelligent, Energy Efficient and Secure Tactile Communication using Federated Learning in 6G Network

In 5G, ultra-reliable low-latency communication has been a backbone for various applications that need an extremely low delay. However, further research will be required to minimize the round trip delay and improve energy efficiency and security of user data in the 6G network [1]. Read more

Low cost, energy efficient biomethane production from landfill gas or biogas

Biomethane can be produced from biogas or landfill gas in a fairly simple water scrubbing system. This process has been used on large scale biogas plants but the optimal operation has not been fully investigated. Read more

Innovations in Waste Energy Minimisation from Maritime Engineering Power and Propulsion Systems

Supervisory Team.   Prof Alan J Murphy & Prof Dominic Hudson. Project description. Although maritime transport is one of the most energy efficient, the cumulative carbon footprint from global shipping is equivalent a large industrialised nation (~3% of global total). Read more
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CoSS-USYD Joint PhD Scholarship - The health and wellbeing impacts of the energy transition for low-income renters: a comparative UK-Australia study.

  Research Group: School of Social & Political Sciences
Information on the Schools/Research Groups. This PhD will be jointly hosted by the University of Glasgow & the University of Sydney, with a supervisory team comprising Professor Gerry McCartney, Professor Lynne Chester, Professor Robert McMaster, and Professor Harriet Thomson. Read more

Advanced Maintenance Management of Offshore Renewable Energy Systems

  Research Group: Communication and Networks
Renewable energy plays an importance role in the road to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, limiting the global temperature increase by up to 1.5°C by 2050. Read more

Energy Market Transition for Net Zero

As the world grapples with the urgent need to mitigate climate change and achieve a net-zero carbon emissions future, understanding and reshaping energy markets is of paramount importance. Read more

Photo-chemical adaptive integrated circuits for next generation neuromorphic computing

Neuromorphic computing, i.e., an approach to information processing inspired in basic morphology and working principles of the brain, is a rapidly growing area of research due to the availability of high-speed hardware and need for artificial intelligence (AI) systems across a wide range of applications. Read more

Development of Advanced Anode Materials for Proton-based Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Project description. This aim of this project is to develop a next generation hydrogen production technology, proton-based solid oxide electrolysis cell, that can effectively support the rapid growth of intermittent renewable energy generated from solar and wind sources. Read more

Efficient ‘Whole-life’ anchoring systems for offshore floating renewables

Supervisory Team:  Katherine Kwa, David White & Susan Gourvenec. Project description. This PhD offers you the opportunity to tackle the urgent real-world challenge of developing efficient deep water anchoring systems for offshore floating renewable energy infrastructure. Read more

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