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evolutionary PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 118 evolutionary PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Understanding the ecological and evolutionary effects of heatwaves in tropical species and ecological communities

Heatwaves are considered one of the most threatening processes for our plants and animal species as the Earth’s climate warms. There is much to understand about how our species and the ecological communities they form will change and adapt through heatwaves. Read more

Evolutionary ‘frenemies’? Understanding the molecular mechanisms underpinning the evolution of endosymbiosis

Symbioses are abundant, taxonomically widespread, ecologically important in a wide-range of habitats, economically important in agricultural systems, and consequently underpin the biodiversity and function of both natural and artificial ecosystems. Read more

The genomics basis of major evolutionary transitions

Life on Earth has undergone several major evolutionary transitions that dramatically changed their biology. These include exciting innovations such as the emergence of multicellular organisms (animals, plants, fungi), the evolution of terrestrial organisms, or parasitism. Read more

Eco-evolutionary causes and genomic consequences of synergistic coevolution

The Department of Ecology at the School of Biology/Chemistry is seeking to appoint a Research Assistant (m/f/d) (salary grade E 13 TV-L, 65%) to commence at the earliest possible date. Read more

Evolutionary Perspectives on Medicinal Plant Use

Project Overview. This project uses phylogenetic comparative methods to characterise medicinal plant use. You will use published data to identify the ethnobotanical uses of selected species, and the extent to which they are characterised in terms of phytochemistry and pharmacology. Read more

Learning by stories: from the evolutionary perspective

From evolutionary educational psychology, learning biologically secondary knowledge (i.e., knowledge taught in schools or Universities) could be enhanced by applying biologically primary knowledge (the knowledge we are born to have). Read more

Evolutionary mapping of algorithms to arrays of processors

The Network-on-Chip (NoC) paradigm is a subject of intense research in both the academic and the industrial worlds. Based on the parallel execution of program threads on many relatively simple processing elements, this approach suffers however from a crucial weakness. Read more

How do evolutionary changes in innate immune genes influence the carriage of zoonotic pathogen

Description. Zoonotic pathogens, such as COVID-19, reside in animal hosts before jumping species to infect humans. How diversity in host immune genes across species impact upon pathogen carriage are poorly understood. Read more

Plant-insect interactions in a changing world

Project Overview: . Insects associated with plants comprise one of the most diverse groups of species on earth. Their impact on the ecology and evolution of their host plants is widely recognised, as is their contribution to multiple important ecosystem services. Read more

Improving the transferability of ecological research

Project Overview. Ecologists aspire both to understand nature and to provide society with interventions to restore, conserve and manage nature in the face of climate and ecological breakdown. Read more

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