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  Understanding patterns of gene flow and local adaptation in a hybrid zone
  Dr K Zeng, Prof J Slate
Application Deadline: 9 January 2019
A long-standing quest in evolutionary genetics is to understand the process of hybridisation and speciation. The characterisation of patterns of gene flow and the identification of genes underlying local adaptation is central to this quest.
  Some like it hot: how mismatch between host and pathogen thermal ecology influences adaptation to global change
  Dr M Hall
Applications accepted all year round
Global change is predicted to result in both rapidly changing environments and dramatic changes in disease outbreaks. Key to predicting winners and losers under the nexus of infection and global change is any mismatch between hosts and pathogens in their thermal tolerances and adaptive potential.
  Linking sex-specific adaptation to the evolution of infectious disease
  Dr M Hall
Applications accepted all year round
The science that guides our understanding of health and infectious disease routinely overlooks the pervading impact of sex.
  From genes to species: Investigating the contribution of evolutionary change in tartan to mating behaviour and reproductive isolation.
  Dr M D Santos-Nunes, Dr S Arif
Application Deadline: 3 January 2019
The genetic basis underlying the vast diversity observed in animal male genitalia has eluded evolutionary research for decades. Recently we uncovered a gene that explains a large difference in organ size between species.
  Selection and evolution of coat colour in a wild mammal
  Prof J Slate, Dr D Childs, Prof S Paterson
Application Deadline: 9 January 2019
This project offers the opportunity to study evolutionary genetics as part of the Soay sheep project, one of the most data-rich long-term studies of any vertebrate in the world.
  Understanding the ecology and evolution of defence-pollination conflicts in plants
  Dr S Campbell, Prof M T Siva-jothy
Application Deadline: 9 January 2019
Understanding how species adapt to different environments requires consideration of how they respond to multiple agents of natural selection.
  Genomic signatures of sexual selection in the Yellow Fever mosquito
  Dr L Cator, Dr A Burt
Application Deadline: 8 January 2019
Mosquito-borne diseases are thought to directly impact the well-being and livelihood of at least one-third of the human population.
  Experimental Evolution of Endosymbiosis
  Dr H Hendrickson, Dr E Ostrowski
Applications accepted all year round
Complex eukaryotic life began when one free-living cell gave up independence and partnered with another. A major question in evolution concerns how such partnerships are able to form and stabilise.
  Genomic basis of extra-group paternity in the cooperatively breeding Seychelles warbler
  Dr H L Dugdale
Applications accepted all year round
Indirect genetic benefits are hypothesised to drive the evolution of extra-group paternity (EGP), yet its genomic basis is unknown.
  (BBSRC DTP) Comparative Genomics of odorant genes in Anopheles mosquitoes
  Research Group: Ecology and Evolution
  Dr C Walton, Prof S Lovell
Application Deadline: 31 January 2019
As humans have increased in number and spread around the globe they provide novel and potentially rich sources of food for a variety of pests and pathogens, including mosquitoes.
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