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  Understanding vegetation response to fire during glacial and interglacial states.
  Prof S Harrison
Application Deadline: 1 March 2019
Fire is highly sensitive to changes in climate, which affects both fuel availability and on the suitability of conditions allowing fire spread.
  Fire suppression capabilities of gas-like micromist
  Dr S Dembele, Dr K Volkov, Dr A Heidari
Applications accepted all year round
The proclamation of the Montreal protocol in 1987, phasing out ozone depleting halons as fire suppression agent has led to a worldwide research and development effort to find alternative systems.
  Simulation of External Fire Spread Mechanisms in High Rise Buildings - Ref: WMUF2018
  Prof W Malalasekera
Applications accepted all year round
Very recently the UK has seen one of the most disastrous fires in history, the Grenfell Tower fire, in London. The loss of life and immense suffering caused by this fire is inconceivable.
  A Novel Joint for Mitigating Fire-Induced Progressive Collapse in Steel Buildings
  Research Group: Institute for Infrastructure & Environment
  Dr G Vasdravellis
Application Deadline: 1 February 2019
Based on recent catastrophic collapse incidents of buildings due to fire events, fire-induced progressive collapse is becoming an important issue that current design methods cannot solve.
  The use of a developed novel adsorbent for sampling of suspects hands for ignitable liquid residues
  Dr S Hall
Applications accepted all year round
Research Group. Forensic & Investigative Sciences Research Group.
  Development of Smart Memory Alloy with Enhanced Structural Performance under fire (Advert Reference: SF18-2/MCE/GONZALEZ SANCHEZ)
  Dr S Gonzalez Sanchez, Dr K Poologanthan, Dr B Nagaratnam
Applications accepted all year round
Shape memory alloys (SMAs) are special materials with a substantial potential for various structural engineering applications. The novelty of such materials lies in their ability to undergo large deformations and return to their un-deformed shape through stress removal or heating (shape-memory effect).
  Dynamics of fire whirl in open and closed spaces: fundamental physics and modelling
  Dr M Jangi
Applications accepted all year round
A fire whirl is an intense and potentially devastating phenomena which under the correct conditions can result in the formation of a tornado-like structure, i.e., the heat released from a fire changes the dynamics of the surrounding air causing a rotating column of air to form, which in turn increases the flame height and burning rate of the fire.
  The investigation of the fire risk of clothes contaminated with different skin emollients and paraffin based personal care products
  Dr S Hall
Applications accepted all year round
Research Group. Forensic & Investigative Sciences Research Group.
  Cladding System Design - A Holistic Cladding Design and Evaluation Framework Towards Rigorous Fire Protection Standards
  Dr J Brigham, Dr O Vogt
Applications accepted all year round
Location. Durham University, UK & PSP Architectural Ltd, Shildon. Funding for. UK Students, EU Students. Funding amount. £14,777 per annum (based on 2018/2019 stipend).
  Enhancing peatland resilience to wildfire through peatland habitat restoration; building the evidence base
  Dr N Kettridge
Application Deadline: 21 January 2019
The recent Saddleworth Moor fire burned over 1000 hectares of UK upland, instigated a major national incident, led to the evacuation of 100 homes and placed considerable strain on UK emergency services, with even the army activated to support fire suppression.
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