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We have 40 fly PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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fly PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 40 fly PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

The role of calcium signalling in regulating of tumour cell behaviour

Metastasis is the major cause of mortality in human cancers, yet we know relatively little of the fundamental biology that underlies the important transition to invasive malignancy. Read more

Targeting ageing and neurodegenerative diseases using the fruit-fly Drosophila melanogaster

In the last 20 years the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster emerged as a pre-eminent model system for studying changes that occur during both normal and pathological ageing (~75 per cent of the genes that cause disease in humans are also found in the fruit fly!). Read more

Short and long-term genetic and behavioural consequences of traumatic brain injury in fruit flies

General background . How many fingers am I holding up? What day of the week is it? Follow my finger? These three questions are designed to test your sensory, memory and motor neural abilities following an accident; all three systems are affected by a severe deceleration of your brain. Read more

Sustainable Alternative Routes to Chemicals and Fuels via Black Soldier Fly Larvae

The global climate emergency presents pressing challenges around identifying sustainable routes to fuels and chemicals, the production of which currently relies on fossil and other unsustainable resources. Read more

Identifying the neurogenetic network underlying visually-driven sleep

General background. Sleep is a behavioural quiescence widely observed in the animal kingdom. During sleep, an animal’s motor activity, as well as their responsiveness to environmental stimuli, are largely reduced. Read more

How to build and maintain a 3-dimensional polarised epithelial sheet

We are interested in how cells maintain normal cell shape within an epithelium. Correct epithelial cell shape is essential to maintain tissue integrity and when deregulated can cause diseases such as malignant cancers, diabetes, inflammation, and aging. Read more

Start-up strategies for battery electric vehicles and aircraft in cold climates

The battery electric vehicle (BEV) has the potential to decarbonise the transport sector through the use of renewable electricity and zero tailpipe emissions, however, limited vehicle range remains a significant issue. Read more

Funded PhD - Determining the genetic and circadian basis of bipolar disorder

This project will be part of the University of Bristol - University of Kent Cotutelle Programme. It will be jointly supervised by Prof James Hodge ( and Dr Alice French at the University of Bristol, and by Prof Gurprit Lall at University of Kent. Read more

MSc by Research: ADP-ribosylation in dementia and motor neuron disease

ADP-ribosylation is a fundamental posttranslational modification where ADP-ribose is linked on to target proteins by ADP-ribose transferases and removed by the ADP-ribose hydrolases. Read more

How do environmental cues affect reproduction?

This project is available to self funded candidates only. The School of Biology invites applications from prospective postgraduate researchers who wish to commence study for a PhD in the academic year 2024/25. Read more

Enhanced Cements for Nuclear Waste Encapsulation

Blended cements are formed from a mix of ordinary cement and another cementitious material, known as clinker substitute. These alternative materials are frequently used in the cement and concrete industries to. Read more

Doctor of Engineering (EngD) - Image capture and multimodal AI for interactive radiology assistance (Canon Medical and University of Edinburgh)

  Research Group: CDT in Applied Photonics
The EngD is an alternative to a traditional PhD aimed at students wanting a career in industry. Students spend about 75% of their time working directly with a company in addition to receiving advanced-level training from a broad portfolio of technical and business courses. Read more

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