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  SCENARIO: Nutrient release from coniferous woodland stimulated by changes in forest management: A new nitrate time bomb?
  Dr M Lukac, Mr M Ascott, Dr E Vanguelova
Application Deadline: 25 January 2019
Nitrogen (N) pollution of rivers and groundwater costs billions of pounds per year globally in water treatment and environmental damage from eutrophication.
  Deforestation, forest degradation and fire in the tropics
  Dr D Spracklen
Application Deadline: 2 January 2019
The aim of this PhD project is to understand the links between tropical deforestation, forest degradation and fire and to quantify the impacts on regional air quality and climate.
  Constraining the carbon balance of intact tropical forest landscapes
  Dr T Baker, Dr D Galbraith, Prof O Phillips
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
Intact tropical forests play a key role in determining the rate of climate change, as they can act as either a significant sink, or potentially source, of carbon.
  The role of forest demography in controlling the terrestrial carbon sink
  Dr T Pugh, Dr T Matthews
Applications accepted all year round
Forest demography, that is the establishment and mortality rates of trees, and the structure of that vegetation within forests, is a fundamental factor underlying the function of a forest and the services it provides.
  People, forest use and biodiversity on islands: models for global sustainability
  Dr M Dallimer
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
Small island states comprise some of the world’s poorest countries and are often home to extraordinary levels of endemic biodiversity at substantial risk of extinction.
  Identification of types of tropical forest disturbance using satellite data and artificial intelligence
  Prof H Balzter, Dr I Tyukin, Dr P Rodriguez-Veiga
Application Deadline: 21 January 2019
Recent advances in computing technology, cloud computing and high-performance computing are paralleled with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and significant investment in the European Copernicus Earth Observation programme and its Sentinel satellite missions.
  Rewilding the great wood of Caledon: using remote sensing to understand natural forest regeneration in Scotland
  Dr C Ryan, Dr A Keane
Application Deadline: 10 January 2019
Scotland and the UK are deforested countries. In recent years, the entwined ideas of rewilding and natural forest regeneration have influenced land use, particularly in upland Scotland.
  Quantifying the role of forest disturbance regimes in macroecology and carbon cycling
  Dr T Pugh, Dr E Marais
Applications accepted all year round
big advances in assessing the frequency with which forests are impacted by large disturbances worldwide (Hansen et al., 2014), but in many ecosystems small-medium-sized disturbances may be much more important (Espirito-Santo et al., 2014).
  Unexplored transitions between forest and savanna in Africa
  Dr K Dexter, Dr C Ryan
Application Deadline: 10 January 2019
See. Project Background. The forests and savanna biomes of Africa are known the world over for their biodiversity and carbon storage.
  Hedges and edges: landscape effects on forest biodiversity and ecosystem function.
  Research Group: School of Biology
  Prof W E Kunin, Dr G Ziv
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
Forests represent the native climax vegetation of most of Britain and Europe, and are important both for the distinctive set of species they protect and the diverse range of important ecosystem services they provide.
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