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  SCENARIO: Nutrient release from coniferous woodland stimulated by changes in forest management: A new nitrate time bomb?
  Prof M Lukac, Mr M Ascott, Dr E Vanguelova
Application Deadline: 25 January 2019
Nitrogen (N) pollution of rivers and groundwater costs billions of pounds per year globally in water treatment and environmental damage from eutrophication.
  The role of forest demography in controlling the terrestrial carbon sink
  Dr T Pugh, Dr T Matthews
Applications accepted all year round
Forest demography, that is the establishment and mortality rates of trees, and the structure of that vegetation within forests, is a fundamental factor underlying the function of a forest and the services it provides.
  Atmospheric water plumes; mapping water transport through the forest canopy using distributed sensor networks
  Dr N Kettridge, Dr X Cai
Application Deadline: 6 February 2019
Evapotranspiration provides the primary water loss mechanism from forests, controlling catchment hydrological dynamics, forest productivity and ecosystem biodiversity.
  The impact of forest roads on the rate of biological invasion
  Dr N Petrovskaya
Application Deadline: 6 February 2019
Roads can play an important role in the spread of invasive plant species by serving as corridors for movement as well as providing prime habitat for establishment (see reference [1]).
  Multidimensional resilience of fragmented forest patch networks in temperate and tropical environments.
  Prof J Travis, Prof M Emmerson
Application Deadline: 31 January 2019
How resilient are forests to fragmentation? How can we manage networks of fragmented forest patches to increase their resilience? These are critical ecological questions as almost all forests in temperate and tropical systems have undergone fragmentation or are undergoing fragmentation currently.
  Quantifying the role of forest disturbance regimes in macroecology and carbon cycling
  Dr T Pugh, Dr E Marais
Applications accepted all year round
big advances in assessing the frequency with which forests are impacted by large disturbances worldwide (Hansen et al., 2014), but in many ecosystems small-medium-sized disturbances may be much more important (Espirito-Santo et al., 2014).
  Managing resilience of a temperate forest to future climate change with a nutrient bent
  Dr Z Shi, Dr T Pugh
Application Deadline: 6 February 2019
More than a quarter of recent anthropogenic CO2 emissions are absorbed by forests. This is primarily attributed to enhanced plant growth as a result of elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration (eCO2).
  Genetics and molecular basis of insect resistance in forest trees
  Prof J Mackay
Application Deadline: 25 January 2019
Background. Insect pests pose a rapidly growing threat to the sustainability of forest systems as a result of climate change and globalisation of commerce.
  Identifying tipping points regulating greenhouse gas emission from soils at two forest free air co2 enrichment experiments
  Dr S Ullah, Dr S Yamulki, Prof E Pendall
Application Deadline: 6 February 2019
Globally, natural ecosystems including forests are responsible for ~60% of the total nitrous oxide (N2O) gas emitted from soils, and consume ~25% of the total atmospheric methane (CH4).
  Language and landscape: the cross-linguistic perspective on ‘forests’
  Dr A Corr
Application Deadline: 6 February 2019
What is a forest? Interdisciplinary research in geographic information sciences and linguistics shows that not only do official bodies differ in the criteria and measurements used to arrive at a definition, but that the world’s languages provide a variety of answers, depending on how their linguistic systems encode landscape-related concepts.
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