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We have 16 fracture mechanics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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We have 16 fracture mechanics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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PhD in Computational Fracture Mechanics: Methods, Programming and Simulation

The aim of this PhD programme is to develop efficient numerical strategies for the prediction and assessment of fracture. Our group has got success in the development of new numerical strategies, e.g. Read more

Numerical modelling of cracked engineering materials under dynamic loading

It is common knowledge that all existing structural materials contain various inter- and intra-component cracks and crack-like defects which appear in materials during fabrication or in-service. Read more

Effect of hydrogen on the fatigue behaviour of defected metallic materials used in the UK’s gas pipeline network

Hydrogen (H2) has the potential to become one of the world’s most valuable green energy vectors to abandon the use of fossil fuels in the energy, transport and heating sectors, which together contribute to more than 70% of the UK CO2 emissions. Read more

Analysis of delamination in cross-ply laminates: energy release rates and cohesive zone modelling

Identification of delamination is at the forefront of damage and fracture mechanics of composite laminates. In this project, predictive modelling and simulation will be carried out to assess delamination in cross-ply carbon fiber epoxy laminates. Read more

Computational Mechanics of Fracture on Advanced Composite Aerospace Structures

Over the last decade there has been a significant increase in the use of composite laminates in the aerospace industry in a drive to reduce weight and as a result to reduce emissions. Read more

Fatigue and Fracture of Fibre Composites

Aircraft manufacturers are now competing based on their aircraft’s fuel efficiency due to the high cost of aviation fuel. As a result, in recent years, these manufacturers have turned more and more to the use of lightweight composites in their designs for almost every component of their aircraft. Read more

PhD Studentship in Development of Human Gastric Process Computational Models for the Design of Foods with Optimised Nutrient Uptake and Satiety

The Food Consortium CTP is looking for a PhD candidate for the BBSRC funded project “Development of Human Gastric Process Computational Models for the Design of Foods with Optimised Nutrient Uptake and Satiety” based at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London. Read more

Practical characterization of contact behaviour for simulating granular flows

The bulk behaviour of granular materials is critical to many industrial processes. Processing equipment such as screw feeders, hoppers, milling machines, pneumatic conveyors, and interventions (vibration, fluidization) are designed based on understandings of this behaviour. Read more

The Constitutive Law Establishment of Advanced High Strength Steel based on Machine Learning

Advanced High strength steel sheets have been widely used in automotive body manufacturing in order to achieve lightweight. Constitutive law of the material is affected by many factors, which makes it difficult for the traditional plasticity theory to predict the complex mechanical behaviors accurately and efficiently. Read more

Development of resilient batteries : 3D tomography of electrode cracking mechanisms, and methods for mitigation

This EPSRC studentship is an exciting opportunity to work with the NanoLAB group at The University of Sheffield, the Faraday Institution FutureCAT project and industrial partners to determine the evolution/degradation of batteries in 3D using advanced tomographic methodologies. Read more

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