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  Analysis and development of fuel cell propulsion systems for drones and manned aircraft
  Dr C Dansoh, Dr M Claus, Prof J Wang
Applications accepted all year round
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has adopted a set of ambitious targets to mitigate CO2 emissions from air transport.
  Novel biosynthetic fuel development: An approach on fuel design (Advert Reference: SF18/MCE/AZIMOV)
  Dr U Azimov
Applications accepted all year round
The aim of this project is to experimentally design novel biosynthetic fuels and investigate their stability, combustion, and emission characteristics and their effects on regulated, unregulated and GHG emissions in order to improve the engine performance and achieve complex reduction in exhaust gas emissions.
  Sum-Frequency Generation (SFG) Spectroscopy of Fuel Cells
  Dr A Cowan
Application Deadline: 22 February 2019
This position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found. Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) are fuel flexible, in-principle able to work with H2, CH4 and higher hydrocarbons.
  PhD studentship in ceramic anode materials for solid oxide fuel cells
  Dr S Sengodan, Prof S Skinner
Application Deadline: 15 March 2019
Applications are invited for a three-year PhD studentship on ceramic anode materials for solid oxide fuel cells, available at Imperial College London starting in October 2019.
  Advanced Power Conversion Systems for Hydrogen Trains
  Dr P Tricoli, Prof C Roberts
Applications accepted all year round
Railway electrification provides faster and reliable train journeys, but requires a substantial investment for the railway infrastructure.
  High Power Fuel Cell Anodes – Fundamental and Applied Catalysis & Electrochemistry
  Prof A Schechter
Applications accepted all year round
The development of a low-cost, high-performance fuel cell is hindered by the lack of an active and robust hydrogen oxidation catalyst at the anode.
  Investigation into an aircraft fuel pump of the future EngD
  Dr C Lawson
Applications accepted all year round
Cranfield University and Airbus Operations UK are seeking a top class candidate to undertake research leading to the award of an International Engineering Doctorate awarded jointly by the Universities of Warwick, Exeter and Cranfield.
  Synthesis and Investigation of Novel Ionic Conductors
  Dr A McLaughlin, Dr A Martinez-Felipe
Application Deadline: 28 February 2019
Fuel cells convert chemical energy directly into electrical energy with high efficiency and low emission of pollutants. In a fuel cell, the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen produces water and electricity and as such provides a clean alternative to fossil fuels.
  Exploring the processes of nucleation and growth in the oxidation of zirconium alloy fuel rods
  Research Group: Metallurgy and Corrosion
  Dr P Shanthraj, Dr C Race
Applications accepted all year round
The pellets of uranium oxide fissile fuel in pressurised water reactors are contained within tubes of zirconium alloy - the fuel clad.
  Advanced fuel quality control in biomass torrefaction process
  Dr J Li
Applications accepted all year round
Biomass residues and waste, have great potential to deliver a significant contribution to the primary energy demand while meeting low carbon objectives.
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