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funding available PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 1,378 funding available PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

School of Computing Science

The School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow is offering studentships to support PhD research for students starting in October 2024… Read more

Programmable quantum metasurfaces

Join the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Birmingham for groundbreaking PhD research that aims to improve quantum technologies! Metamaterials, which are artificially engineered materials with properties not (commonly) available in nature, have shown the potential for effective control and manipulation of waves. Read more

Research degrees in the School of Design

Our PhD course will allow you to become an expert in a specialist area and gain high-quality research training in Design. Your PhD can be taken full-time (three years standard, four years maximum) or part-time (five years standard, seven years maximum). Read more

Climate-Optimised Aircraft Design

Supervisory Team: Edward Richardson; Ali Elham. Project description. The condensation trail (contrail) emissions of future low-CO2 aircraft will be assessed as part of a climate-optimised aircraft design methodology. Read more

Efficient Cryostasis for Transport of Liquid Hydrogen

Supervisory Team: Edward Richardson; Stephen Turnock. Project description. Liquid hydrogen (LH2) storage and transport enables flexible exploitation of potentially carbon-free energy. Read more

Climate resilient submerged infrastructure

Supervisory Team: Dr Gustavo de Almeida; Dr Sergio Maldonado. Project description. Applications are invited for a fully funded PhD position on the investigation of novel design methods to improve the resilience of submerged infrastructure (i.e. Read more

4-year PhD Studentship: Towards Accurate Disease Surveillance: Deep Learning-Assisted Simulation of Bacterial Genomes

Public health surveillance programmes routinely collect vast amounts of pathogen genomics data each year. A pressing issue is how to best utilise this information for effective disease monitoring and management. Read more

Data-driven modelling of energy demands in buildings

Project Summary. 3.5 years full time, start date 1st October 23. Description of Project. We seek to recruit a highly motivated PhD researcher with technical ability to conduct research in the area of modelling energy demand in buildings. Read more

Singapore Management University (SMU) Academic Research PhD Programmes

The SMU College of Graduate Research Studies (CGRS) provides a holistic and community-based experience in postgraduate research that is based on interdisciplinary programmes, courses, events, networking and cohort-building. Read more

Harnessing waste-heat from challenging environments with flexible electronics, sponsored by BAE Systems

Supervisory Team. Dr Katrina Morgan, Dr Ioannis Zeimpekis, Prof Nick Harris, Prof Steve Beeby. Project description. This PhD is a sought after industrial Cooperative Award in Science and Techology (iCASE), with sponsorship from BAE Systems Ltd. Read more

4-year PhD Studentship: Assessing long-lasting pain following hot-iron disbudding in dairy calves

Although freedom from pain is a key pillar of animal welfare, painful procedures are still common on most dairy farms. For instance, despite being painful1, hot-iron disbudding is still performed on the vast majority of calves. Read more

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