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We have 18 gan PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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gan PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 18 gan PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Development of High-Power-Density Power Module Based on GaN Monolithic Integration

With the increase of device switching frequency and power density, GaN devices are susceptible to parasitic parameters such as di/dt, dv/dt, and oscillation due to their low threshold voltage, resulting in device performance degradation and even circuit functional failures. Read more

Monolithic integrated GaN power devices with Integrated Gate Drivers

This project is dedicated to the study of the power integration technology based on GaN devices to realize the monolithic integration of main power high-voltage devices and low-voltage gate drive devices, current detection, overcurrent and overtemperature protection devices, etc., and to study the parasitic inductance distribution and influence of the drive loop. Read more

Development of a multi-port zero carbon building energy router based on GaN power integration

The main objective of this project is to develop a multi-port zero carbon building energy router device (GaN-MER) based on GaN power integration, achieving a reasonable layout and power integration of high-voltage main power devices and peripheral low-voltage drive protection circuits. Read more

High-voltage and low leakage current AlGaN/GaN Fin-HEMTs

This project mainly develops enhanced GaN power devices with high voltage and low leakage current, tests the static and dynamic characteristics at high temperature and high frequency, and studies the forward and reverse conduction voltage drop and influencing factors. Read more

High Performance Analog and RF IC Design Technology Research

For more information about doctoral scholarship and PhD programme at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU). Please visit . Read more

High-power Fibre Lasers for Visible Wavelengths

Supervisory Team: Prof Jayanta Sahu and Prof Johan Nilsson. Project description. Visible lasers are indispensable for applications such as display, underwater communication, microscopy, bio-photonics, optical storage, and materials processing. Read more

Fabrication and Modelling of Artificial Synapses for Neuromorphic Computing

Supervisory Team. Firman Simanjuntak (UoS), Gan Chee Kwan (A*STAR), Harold Chong (UoS). Project description. Sustainable Electronic Technologies (SET) Research Group, University of Southampton, U.K. Read more

Design of protection systems through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Predicting the dynamic response of materials and structures to high ­energy ballistic impacts is a fundamental component of the development and design of fit-­for-­purpose armour and protection systems. Read more

Exploration of deep learning based generative adversarial networks (GANs) to mitigate bias in the evaluation of medical images among diverse population and disease sub-groups

Medical image analysis using Deep Learning models involves training on progressively larger datasets. Homogeneity of data within the training set, particularly in its representation of diverse population sub-groups and various disease stages, substantially influences model effectiveness. Read more

High-bandwidth Implantable Brain Processing: From Theory to Practice.

I am looking for a talented and motivated PhD student to work on high-bandwidth implantable brain processing techniques (i.e. >1000 recording channels using Utah Arrays) for future generation implantable brain machine interfaces (iBMIs). Read more

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