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We have 27 gel PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Protein adsorption in gel structures: simulation, experiment and application

The aims of the project are to understand protein adsorption in RF gel structures and to tailor gel properties for applications; these include purification steps in protein manufacture, as well as water clean-up. Read more

Embedded bacterial 3D printing for synthetic biomaterial screening and production

Synthetic biology and chemistry are new approaches to engineer new biomaterials with customizable functional properties. An area of active research using such approaches is to engineer bacterial cellulose, a class of biomaterial that has broad applications in food, paper production and biomedical industries. Read more

Modelling hydrogels and fractal materials

  Research Group: School of Computing
There is growing interest in the importance class of materials known as hydrogels, which are formed by the aggregation of small building blocks until they gel (or percolate) across the sample. Read more

Using novel ferronucleosides to study and regulate DNA replication in cells

Background. Replication of nucleic acid polymers like DNA is an essential process for all known forms of life. Furthermore, dysregulation and errors in DNA-replication are strongly linked with human diseases including cancer, as well as the process of cellular ageing. Read more

Creating hair-protein materials via a self-assembly mesophase approach

This is your chance to work with world-leading fibre scientists from AgResearch and bio-based material engineers from the University of Canterbury’s Biomolecular Interaction Centre through a Wool Industry Charitable Trust PhD Scholarship where you will have a unique opportunity to enhance your skill set. Read more

Functional DNA-based Materials and Sensors

This PhD project falls into the areas of supramolecular chemistry, chemical biology and DNA nanotechnology and involves the preparation and study of DNA-based materials and sensors. Read more

3D printing of osteogenic and cortical-bone-strong scaffolds with biomaterials and human blood for personalized bone tissue engineering

Biomaterial scaffolds are used in bone tissue engineering for promoting new bone regeneration and stabilising the facture bone. An ideal biomaterial scaffold for healing load-bearing large bone defects should have cortical bone matching mechanical properties and osteogenic properties for promoting new bone regeneration. Read more

Sustained Release Nanocarriers for Ocular Drug Delivery

Ophthalmic drug delivery remains the most challenging task to pharmaceutical scientists. This is due to the unique structure of the eye, which restricts the entry of drug molecules at the required site of action. Read more

Metabolic reprogramming in cancer: starving tumors of essential nutrients to promote cell death

All the cells in our bodies are programmed to die. As they get older, our cells accumulate toxic molecules that make them sick. In response, they eventually break down and die, clearing the way for new, healthy cells to grow. Read more

Development of micro-incubator OCT/ OCE bioreactor system to engineer a robust musculoskeletal tissue model

Achieving adequate musculoskeletal tissue healing is one of the most challenging factors in the repair of orthopaedic tissues. The problem of hard-to-soft tissue fixation is the major cause of failure of replacement grafts and leads to further musculoskeletal degeneration e.g. Read more

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