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We have 24 generative design PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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generative design PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 24 generative design PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Generative AI for the Next Generation of Manufacturing Automation Systems PhD

The application of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital twin, blockchain, and the internet of things are growing fast, and their integration with complex manufacturing systems enables effective digitalisation and automation transition. Read more

Acoustical Properties of Meta-Materials

  Research Group: Centre For Sustainable Environments
Porous materials such as foams and felts are often used to reduce noise levels. However, these materials are often ineffective at low frequencies. Read more

Novel Generative Adversarial Networks for Rapid Engineering Design

Supervisory Team: Dr. David Toal. Project description. Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks (cGANs) have gained notoriety in the media for their ability to create so-called “deep fakes” but their power can also be harnessed to provide predictions of optimal engineering designs. Read more

Exploring Generative AI, Memory, and Language Understanding

Are you fascinated by the interplay between artificial intelligence, memory mechanisms, and language comprehension? Do you aspire to push the boundaries of generative models and advance our understanding of human-like cognition? We invite applications for a PhD position in the innovative field of exploring generative AI, memory, and language understanding. Read more

Image Reconstruction using FPGA-based Generative AI

The Centre for Electronics Frontiers (CEF), led by Regius Chair of Engineering Prof Prodromakis, brings together diverse and interdisciplinary expertise for transforming modern society through technology. Read more

Predictive Control and Generative AI for Integration of EVs, ESS, and Renewables in Safe and Autonomous Smart Grids

  Research Group: Intelligent Systems and Robotics
Abstract. This research aims to develop a framework for integrating Electric Vehicles (EVs), Energy Storage Systems (ESS), and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) into smart grids using predictive control and generative AI. Read more

PhD in Verification and Validation of Safe Generative AI in Automative

As autonomous vehicles (AVs) transition from laboratories/test-tracks to public roads, ensuring their safety is paramount, as exemplified by the Cruise AV incident in October 2023. Read more

Innovating IoT Security Through Quantum Metamaterials and Artificial Intelligence

The literature indicates significant advancements in securing IoT networks, especially against quantum computing threats. Bagchi 2023 proposes a post-quantum lattice-based secure framework called LAS-AIBIoT for ambient intelligence-assisted blockchain-based IoT applications. Read more

Statistics and AI for Engineering and Smart Manufacturing

Overview. We are thrilled to announce an exceptional PhD opportunity in the dynamic fields of Statistics and Artificial Intelligence, specifically tailored for Engineering and Smart Manufacturing. Read more

A Morphotypological investigation of Chinese "New Towns" for harmonized remodelling. The case of "One City-Nine Towns" project

According to a rigorously Morphotypological and therefore non-stylistic approach, the research project aims to investigate the "New Towns" phenomenon developed during the massive urban expansion in China outlined by the 10th Five-Year Plan. Read more

Towards Machine Understanding of Human Languages: AI for Storytelling Across Languages.

In the realm of AI and computer science, disciplines such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), and AI-centric Language Models are critical for fostering communication and collaboration between humans and machines in the future. Read more

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