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  Identification of drug resistance genes in Fasciola hepatica using a combined in vitro phenotyping and pooled genotyping approach
  Dr J Hodgkinson
Application Deadline: 11 January 2019
Fasciola hepatica, the common liver fluke is a major cause of disease and production loss in sheep and cattle in the UK and changes in farming practices and climate are leading to increased prevalence and movement of infection into new areas of the UK.
  Cyprus Women’s Health Research (COHERE) Initiative: Determining the relative burden of women’s health conditions and related co-morbidities in an Eastern Mediterranean population
  Dr N RAHMIOGLU, Dr K Zondervan, Dr C Becker
Application Deadline: 11 January 2019
There is lack of population level data on prevalence and distribution of common benign women’s health conditions such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, polycystic ovary syndrome from the Eastern Mediterranean region despite their significant consequences on quality of life.
  Finding sustainable solutions to witchweed (Striga) infection of finger millet in Kenya.
  Dr A.C Brennan, Dr S Chivasa, Dr L Blake
Application Deadline: 11 January 2019
The project will address major developmental challenges in the sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) region, primarily food insecurity and malnutrition focused on Kenya as a case study.
  Newcastle-Liverpool-Durham Doctoral Training Partnership in Biosciences
The Newcastle-Liverpool-Durham DTP ( is a strategic Partnership in Biosciences doctoral training between three research-intensive universities in northern cities of great industrial heritage, Newcastle University, the University of Liverpool and Durham University.
  The Role of E3 Ligases on the Modulation of Recombination in Cereals
  Dr I Colas, Dr L Ramsay, Prof R Waugh
Application Deadline: 5 January 2019
Summary. In barley and wheat substantial proportions of the chromosomes are inherited together as a large linkage block, preventing the generation of novel gene combinations and useful variation that could be exploited in breeding programs.
  Training researchers to Diagnose, Understand and Treat Stargardt Disease, a Frequent Inherited Blinding Disorder (StarT)
  Prof M Cheetham
Application Deadline: 10 December 2018
PhD position available at UCL in the framework of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN). The objectives of StarT are twofold.
  MRC DTP 4 Year PhD Programme: Discovery of composite biomarkers and the role on the retina in risk prediction for systemic diseases using deep learning
  Prof E Trucco, Dr A Doney
Application Deadline: 18 January 2019
Aims and objectives. The project will use deep learning (DL) techniques to discover combinations of phenotypic and genotypic features working as predictive risk scores for high-incidence conditions (e.g.
  MRC Precision Medicine DTP: Combining genetic and functional genomic data to reveal underlying mechanisms of human disease
  Research Group: The Roslin Institute
  Dr K Baillie, Prof C Haley
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
Background. The unprecedented access to genome-wide association (GWAS) signals for a wide variety of human diseases opens up new opportunities to improve understanding of the underlying mechanisms of disease and identify new therapies.
  MRC Precision Medicine DTP: Investigating the mechanisms underlying disease using multiOmics data
  Research Group: MRC Human Genetics Unit
  Dr P Navarro, Dr S Knott, Dr C Amador, Mr K Rawlik
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
Background. Advances in genotyping technologies and computational capacities have brought new insights into the genetic mechanisms influencing disease.
  MRC Precision Medicine DTP: Trascriptome-wide association analysis of survival in colorectal cancer patients
  Prof M Dunlop, Dr E Theodoratou, Dr M Timofeeva
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
Background. Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second most common cause of cancer death in UK with 15,900 CRC deaths in 2014. The risk of recurrence and death depends very much on the stage of disease at the time of diagnosis with 5-year survival rate >90% for stage I and.
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