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  Effect of bed roughness on the spreading and dilution of gravity currents
  Research Group: Centre For Sustainable Environments
  Prof Y Guo
Applications accepted all year round
Gravity current is frequently encountered in natural (e.g. saltwater intrusion in estuary) and men-made environment (e.g. mining solution; desalination).
  Development of a mobile platform for Quantum Technology gravity instrument
  Dr N Metje, Prof D N Chapman
Applications accepted all year round
Understanding what is buried in the ground and what is the condition of the ground (soft areas, low density) is vitally important to deliver safe and in budget construction projects, especially large projects such as HS2 and Crossrail and reduce the risk due to buried hazards such as mineshafts.
  Developing exercise countermeasures for the prevention of musculoskeletal deconditioning in reduced gravity (RDF19/HLS/SER/WINNARD)
  Dr A Winnard
Application Deadline: 25 January 2019
Exposure to hypogravity environment causes musculoskeletal deconditioning. Primarily, this deconditioning is seen in the lower limbs and spine.
  Symmetries and energy in gravity: investigating whether charges from underlying symmetries are conserved
  Dr M Godazgar
Applications accepted all year round
The School of Mathematical Sciences of Queen Mary University of London invite applications for a PhD project commencing in January 2019.
  Investigations of atmospheric gravity waves with SuperDARN
  Prof T Yeoman, Prof S Milan
Application Deadline: 21 January 2019
The upper atmosphere of the earth is a complex, vertically coupled system.
  NERC Panorama Doctoral Training Partnership - Wave-induced transport of chemically active species in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere
  Prof J Plane
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
Tides, planetary waves and gravity waves play major roles in establishing the thermal structure and general circulation of the mesosphere/lower thermosphere (MLT) region of the atmosphere (70 - 120 km).
  SCENARIO: Trapped lee waves as a source of low-level drag on the atmosphere
  Research Group: SCENARIO NERC DTP
  Dr MA Teixeira, Dr SL Gray
Application Deadline: 25 January 2019
Atmospheric models used for numerical weather prediction and climate modelling have large uncertainties in their representation of small-scale processes that contribute to uncertainties in the large-scale movement of air termed the atmospheric circulation.
  NERC GW4+ DTP PhD studentship: Dynamics of the Antarctic Stratosphere & Mesosphere
  Prof N J Mitchell
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
This project is one of a number that are in competition for funding from the NERC Great Western Four+ Doctoral Training Partnership (GW4+ DTP).
  The Milky Way’s Super Massive Black Hole
  Dr S Nayakshin, Dr R Alexander
Application Deadline: 21 January 2019
In the first decade of the century, observations firmly established existence of a supermassive black hole called Sgr A* residing in the very heart of the Milky Way.
  The role of magnetic fields during the earliest stages of massive star formation
  Research Group: Astronomy
  Dr N Peretto, Dr P Clark
Application Deadline: 18 January 2019
The contraction of molecular clouds towards the formation of stars is controlled by an interplay between gravity, turbulence and magnetic fields.
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