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  Algebraic groups, geometric invariant theory and boundedness
  Prof B Martin, Dr E Meir
Applications accepted all year round
Group theory is the mathematical study of symmetry. Algebraic groups are certain groups of matrices with entries coming from a field such as the real numbers, the complex numbers or the integers modulo a prime.
  Identifying finite simple groups from their fusion systems
  Dr E Henke, Prof B Martin
Applications accepted all year round
Groups are fundamental algebraic structures closely related to describing and understanding symmetry. Every group is built up of building blocks which cannot be split up any further.
  Combinatorial Representation Theory: Partitions and Basic Sets
  Dr J.B. Gramain, Dr W Turner
Applications accepted all year round
The representation theory of many families of finite groups can be presented in terms of combinatorial objects. The most famous example is the symmetric groups, where the irreducible complex representations are parametrized by partitions.
  Equivariant homotopy and fusion systems
  Dr A Libman, Prof R Levi
Applications accepted all year round
The p-local structure of a finite group G is given by the set of its p-subgroups and the information about how they are conjugated to each other.
  Tropical matrix algebra and representations
  Dr z Izhakian, Dr R Hepworth
Applications accepted all year round
Tropical matrices are matrices over the max-plus semiring - the real numbers equipped with the operations of maximum and summation.
  DTC MATH 9 - Topology of homological surface bundles
  Dr J Giansiracusa
Applications accepted all year round
The study of fibre bundles of surfaces and the mapping class group has been an extremely rich subject over the past decades, combining many beautiful ideas from topology, homotopy theory, group theory, and algebra.
  Pattern Formation (Applied Nonlinear Dynamics): understanding the formation and stability of complex patterns such as quasipatterns, spatio-temporal chaos or turbulent spirals
  Prof A M Rucklidge
Applications accepted all year round
Regular patterns, such as stripes, squares and hexagons, are ubiquitous in nature, and their formation and stability are governed by the intricate and complex interactions of symmetry and nonlinearity.
  DTC MATH 3 - Trusses - detailed study of properties and the nature of trusses with application to the Yang-Baxter equations
  Prof T Brzezinski
Applications accepted all year round
Applications of the Yang-Baxter equation range from the description of physical forces of the nature (quantum field theory, integrable Hamiltonian systems in particle and statistical physics), through classification of geometric and topological objects in mathematics (knot theory, group theory) to foundations of mathematics (braided monoidal categories).
  Antimatter Chemistry: reactive scattering collisions of antihydrogen atoms with hydrogen molecules
  Dr M Law, Dr W T A Harrison
Applications accepted all year round
Recently interest in antimatter research has increased as facilities such as CERN have succeeded in trapping antimatter atoms to study their properties [1].
  Algebraic Methods in Musical Composition
  Dr W Turner, Dr E Henke
Applications accepted all year round
Algebraic operations have been used as compositional tools for centuries. For example, the group theoretical operation of translation on the integers can be identified with the musical operation of transposition.
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