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  The relationship between dietary iron and zinc, and the gut microbiota: Can dietary iron and zinc regime be exploited to improve health?
  Prof S C Andrews
Applications accepted all year round
"The gut microbiota (100 trillion cells) outnumber human cells by 10 to 1. Its composition of around 500 to 1000 species is specific for each individual and is dynamic, changing with age, health and diet.
  The Gut Microbiota and Colorectal Surgery
  Dr M Lewis, Prof S C Andrews
Applications accepted all year round
"Background. Antibiotic use prior to and following colorectal surgery is conventional practice, and is aimed at reducing the incidence of postoperative infection which is a major risk of such surgery.
  Trans-generational transmission of obesity and obesity-induced liver disease – a role for maternal microbiota and Toll-like receptors
  Dr J Oben, Dr P Taylor
Application Deadline: 5 April 2019
The United Kingdom adult population prevalence of obesity is 30% and with 30% of children - overweight or obese. Additionally, 26% of women of reproductive age are obese and one in five pregnant women is obese.
  Development of a novel 3D gut-microbiota model for the assessment of absorption and metabolism of health supplements and therapeutic drugs
  Dr P Ragazzon
Application Deadline: 10 December 2019
The gut epithelium is a complex setting of intestinal cells and epithelial cells filled with transporters, enzymes and channels; these cells are then populated by bacteria (microbiota) that help with the metabolism of nutrients and transport into the blood stream.
  The effects of β-glucan and chitin polysaccharides from Mycoprotein on the health of the gut microbiota. (Ref: RDFC18/APP/MUNOZ)
  Dr J Munoz
Application Deadline: 26 April 2019
The Human Gut Microbiota (HGM) comprises two major phyla, the Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes, although important members of the Actinobacteria (Bifidobacterium) and Verrucomicrobia (Akkemansia) also make an important contribution to this ecosystem.
  New Privilege nutrients of Human Gut Microbiota from Western Diet (ref: SF18/APP/Munoz)
  Dr J Munoz
Applications accepted all year round
The human large bowel contains ~1013 bacteria, referred to as the human gut microbiota or HGM. There is considerable interest in deploying prebiotic and probiotic strategies to maximise the impact of the HGM on human health.
  Regulation of intestinal immune homeostasis and inflammation by the gut microbiota
  Dr E Mann, Dr M Travis
Applications accepted all year round
Our immune system must fight harmful pathogens, but remain silent against harmless substances such as the trillions of bacteria found in the gut that are beneficial for health.
  What keeps the gut stem cell niche healthy? (SOBOLEWSKIAU19SF)
  Dr A Sobolewski
Applications accepted all year round
A normal functioning epithelium is vital for a healthy gut. The epithelium forms a protective barrier between the bacteria and food contents in the intestine and the underlying immune system, so preventing an immune response.
  Systems biology approaches for functional assessment of the microbiome
  Dr A Wijeyesekera, Prof G Gibson
Applications accepted all year round
"The gut is inhabited by trillions of bacteria known to impact on health and disease.
  ReStrain: Discovery of markers of a healthy gut microbiome through computational and experimental means (academic-industry collaboration) (HILDEBRANDQ19CASE2)
  Dr F Hildebrand
Application Deadline: 23 April 2019
We are looking for a highly motivated and practically minded student, to work at the interface between bioinformatic hypothesis derivation and experimental validation.
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