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house PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 98 house PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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B4Box Retrofit IPhD

The studentship is with University of Salford and B4Box Ltd. Academic Supervisor. Professor Will Swan. Academic Co-Supervisor. Professor Richard Fitton. Read more

Digitally twinned rating systems for low energy housing in Scotland.

This PhD Project aims to develop innovative ‘digitally twinned’ rating systems for low energy housing in Scotland. Energy efficiency is becoming a pressing issue that must be addressed in current and future housing developments. Read more

Unravelling the nascent privacy risks of 3D spatial mixed reality data

With the ever-increasing advancements in mobile vision and sensing technologies, augmented, mixed, and/or virtual reality technology (AR/MR/VR; we collectively refer as MR) is increasingly becoming popular. Read more

Net Zero and Fuel Poverty: Socio-technical research at the interface of social justice and environmental sustainability

Summary. The focus of the research will be developed in collaboration with the student. We envisage a piece of work that pushes the boundaries of socio-technical research on fuel poverty and energy transitions by utilising the expertise and facilities available at University of Salford and across partners in the region. Read more

New types of superconducting probes for quantum fluids

The project is to create and perform experiments with new types of superconducting probes for quantum liquids. vibrating nanowires and precisely controllable levitating spheres. Read more

SCENARIO: New approaches to ocean state analysis for climate and forecasting applications (SC2023_43)

  Research Group: SCENARIO NERC DTP
Reconstructing present-day and past ocean temperature salinity and circulation states is critical both to making long-range weather and climate forecasts and for understanding how the ocean has responded over the last century to imbalances in the Earth’s energy budget due to global warming. Read more

PhD Studentship in Aircraft Engine Aeroelasticity

Applications are invited for a research studentship in the field of Turbomachinery Aeroelasticity, leading to the award of a PhD degree. The post is supported by a bursary and fees (at the UK student rate) provided by the EPSRC. Read more

Synthesis and real time observation of radiation damage and corrosion of engineered ceramic nuclear waste forms

Background. Owing to large scale reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel there is a significant inventory of plutonium in the UK. Storage and final disposal of plutonium is one of the most complex challenges facing the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) in dealing with the UK’s nuclear legacy. Read more

Exploring Causal Complexity in International Relations

In recent decades, a rich and sophisticated literature has emerged, in International Relations and in the broader social sciences, demonstrating how a range of methods can be used to derive reasonably secure causal inferences. Rather less attention has been paid to the fact that, in the world around us, causal relations often fail to play out in a uniform fashion. Read more

Construction materials and products. Investigation about embodied carbon assessment methods and solutions

Buildings consume 40% of energy produced in the world. This percentage increases to over 60% in the UK. In European countries, existing regulations limit operational energy consumption/carbon emissions and have brought to considerable savings. Read more

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