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We have 203 human behaviour PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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human behaviour PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 203 human behaviour PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Abnormal Human Behaviour Detection Through Privacy-Preserving Sensing

Project ID. SST_CIRC_1. Human Activity Recognition and Abnormal Behaviour Detection are essential parts of supporting the independent living of older adults in support of the health and care system. Read more

Human Interaction with Low-Speed Autonomous Vehicles

The University of York is embarking on ground-breaking research that focuses on data-centric engineering, digital twins, and AI, revolutionizing the way systems are designed and optimized through data. Read more

Modelling human supervision of autonomous systems for chemistry labs

Background. Human decision-making is critical for the safety and efficacy of supervised autonomous systems. As such, human behaviour should be accounted for in their design and verification. Read more

Advanced Behaviour and Face analytics in XR

Improvements in computer vision, and deep learning advancements, along with the introduction of smart devices and powerful computers, have stimulated research interest in the field of real-time scene analysis. Read more
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Human-centred design for autonomous and intelligent complex manufacturing systems

The Ph.D. project prepares students to become interdisciplinary scholars who can apply a variety of methodological approaches at the intersection of technology, human behaviour, and design. Read more

Investigating the role of immunity, behaviour and climate in driving seasonal influenza dynamics.

Patterns of influenza seasonality are likely driven by a combination of seasonal patterns in human behaviour, meteorological influences on viral survival, and the evolution of cellular and antibody-mediated immune responses following infection and vaccination. Read more

Overcoming human barriers to uptake of condition scoring in the beef industry

Funding. This PhD project is part of a competition funded by SRUC. This opportunity is open to UK and International students and provides funding to cover tuition fees at the UK rate, plus a stipend to support living costs. Read more

Heterogeneity in the development of antisocial behaviour

Antisocial behaviour is a very wide-ranging term including fighting, stealing, and temper tantrums among many other things. It may not make sense to consider these behaviours as a single construct but to identify meaningful subsets that may have different causes, outcomes and respond well to different treatments. Read more

Deep Learning based Controllable Character Animation with Images (Code: COM-07-Chen)

Character animation brings character to life with movement and has applications in 3D animated movies and games. There are emerging interests in using character animation to synthesise human behaviour in digital twins for applications like autonomous vehicles, urban planning, architectural design, and manufacturing. Read more

PhD Psychology

The School of Psychology fosters a culture of collaborative, multidisciplinary research and you will join a vibrant community that includes regular work-in-progress seminars to foster an active research environment. Read more

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