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  Human Factors in emergency flood rescue and developing optimal responder training
  Dr F Earle, Dr G Abt
Application Deadline: 23 January 2019
Living with Water. Perceptions, Processes, Responses and Mitigation of Flooding. To celebrate the University's research successes, the University of Hull is offering a full-time UK/EU/International PhD Scholarship for candidates applying for each of the following projects as part of a new research cluster.
  Inhalers and inhaler technology: contributing to research of pharmaceutical inhaler products and improving the quality of life of patients - Ref: HVUF2018
  Mr H Versteeg
Applications accepted all year round
Inhalers are widely used to treat chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Several 100 millions of patients worldwide rely on pressurised metered dose inhalers (pMDIs) or dry-powder inhalers (DPIs) to manage their condition and ensure a good quality of life.
  Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training in My Life in Data
Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute - Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training in My Life in Data. PhD Studentships.
  Combined Effects of Force and Vibration on the Human Hand
  Research Group: ISVR: Human Factors Research Unit
  Dr Y Ye
Application Deadline: 1 February 2019
Vibration of the hand due to poor design or use of power tools can lead to long term damage to health, and has become the most compensated-for industrial disease.
  Applying Lean Techniques to Patient Flow using Stochastic Modelling
  Dr M Latif
Applications accepted all year round
Reference Number. ML-2018-PhD-1. Project Summary. This research project explores the use and development of an integrated simulation model for the study of patient flow in hospitals and its dynamic effects on staffing, patients, and resources.
  The human factor: the influence of personality, emotions, culture and other ’soft elements’ on Requirements Engineering/Software Architecture/Software Design
  Prof J Grundy, Dr R Merkel
Application Deadline: 1 March 2019
There has been considerable interest in impact of personality on programmers and testers.
  Modelling brain development using human induced pluripotent stem cells
  Dr E Becker
Application Deadline: 11 January 2019
The human brain is arguably the most complex structure among living organisms. Its development from single cells into a highly elaborate and unique organ has intrigued scientists for generations, yet remains incompletely understood.
  Understanding the Temporal and Cognitive-Emotional Context of Human-Nature Interactions (based at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge)
  Dr T Craig, Dr M Currie, Dr D Pearson
Application Deadline: 4 January 2019
Background. There is a growing body of evidence to support physical and mental health benefits that derive from human-nature interactions.
  MRC Precision Medicine DTP: Limiting infection: Identifying factors for the in vivo dissemination of themajor nosocomial pathogen Klebsiella pneumoniae
  Dr T Schneiders, Prof D Dockrell, Prof C G Becker, Prof F Balloux
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
Background. The zebrafish infection model (Danio rerio) is a reliable verterbrate model which harbors a mammalian-like innate immune system.
  Maximum Power Point Tracking in Harsh Conditions for Renewable Energy Sources: An Intelligent Approach
  Dr H Ahmed
Applications accepted all year round
Grid integration of renewable energy sources are one of the main driving forces of current growth in the electric power industry, particularly in the UK.
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