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We have 18 hydrogels PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Modelling hydrogels and fractal materials

  Research Group: School of Computing
There is growing interest in the importance class of materials known as hydrogels, which are formed by the aggregation of small building blocks until they gel (or percolate) across the sample. Read more

Functionalised Injectable Extracellular Matrix Hydrogels for Intervertebral Disc Regeneration

Project Description. This project is part of multidisciplinary team that is developing advanced extracellular matrix (ECM) derived biomaterials for use as injectables and 3D bioprinting applications for intervertebral disc regeneration. Read more

Peptide hydrogels as a long-acting multipurpose drug delivery platform for combined contraception and HIV prevention

HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death in women of reproductive age worldwide. HIV and unintended pregnancies are prevalent in developing nations due to the lack of effective female contraceptive choice. Read more

Polymeric Hydrogels for Regenerative Medicine Applications

Regenerative medicine aims to repair injured or diseased tissues using a multidisciplinary approach to stimulate natural repair mechanisms or promote healing through the transplantation of cells, often the patient’s own stem cells. Read more

Bioinspired materials: strong and self-healing polymer materials

Biomaterials, for example bone and skin have a remarkable capacity to self-heal. These natural materials are hydrogels, however synthetic hydrogels cannot perform the same task as they are inherently weak and not usually self-healing. Read more

Development of peptide hydrogel as an anticancer drug carrier

Growth in nanotechnologies can now be exploited to enable engineering of new drug delivery systems for enhancing the entrapment of drugs in nano-sized structures with tailored physical properties to suit therapeutic need. Read more

Engineering the Human Osteocyte Lacunocanalicular Network In Vitro

Synopsis. We are seeking a full-time, highly motivated PhD candidate to perform cutting-edge research in bone tissue engineering at the Queensland University of Technology in the School of Biomedical Sciences. Read more

Development and optimisation of human skin mimicking tribological probes: Sustainable materials for use in hair care

A PhD studentship is available to start in October 2022 start as a Warwick industrial Fellowship in partnership with Unilever, Port Sunlight funded jointly by the University of Warwick and Unilever. Read more

MVLS/EPSRC - Nanovibrational control of chondrogenic differentiation

  Research Group: Institute of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology
Technologies to help support the quality of life of the ageing population are a major research focus. Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most prevalent chronic joint problem in the developed world – the annual cost of to the UK alone is £13B. Read more

Investigating the mechanisms of airway wall remodelling in fungal sensitised asthma

Respiratory diseases such as asthma are a major global cause of morbidity and mortality. For instance, according to European Union estimates, asthma and COPD alone cost the economy approximately 40 billion Euros and responsible for around 200,000 deaths annually. Read more

Characterising male reproductive tissues for the development of accurate preclinical models

Project. This project is seeking to recruit a PhD candidate to work as part of an ERC Starting Grant funded project (alongside two postdoctoral researchers and three other PhD candidates). Read more

A non-invasive robotic capsule for oral delivery of peptides and proteins

While significant advances have been made in administrating these biologics through the parental routes, delivering these molecules orally remains a major challenge for pharmaceutical industry. Read more

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