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identity PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 128 identity PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Trust, risk and digital identity for digitally-unsure citizens

There is an increasing research interest in security as a user experience issue (Zagouras et al, 2017), and some calls to examine the information practices around privacy and security (eg Dourish & Anderson, 2006). Read more

Popular music, identity and community

  Research Group: Criminology and Sociology
This research topic focuses on the extent to which popular music, of whatever genre, has meaning at individual or group levels. Read more

Pre-registration health care students’ experiences of the safe learning environment charter (SLEC)

This PhD proposal will give an opportunity to explore how the current NHS safe learning environment charter (SLEC) is perceived by health care students in terms of impact and support for their education in clinical practice. Read more

Nationalism, populist politics and sport migrations: heroes or villains?

Right-wing populist political voices, movements and values have been on the rise. Europe has been witnessing tendencies that are frequently associated with identity politics, ethno-nationalism, racism, sexism, anti-elitism and a general sense of ‘them vs. Read more

PhD Opportunities in Communication, Media, and Film Studies

We warmly invite applications for full-time or part-time self-funded PhD study. . About the PhD Programme. The Centre for Culture, Media & Society (CCMS) is an exciting interdisciplinary environment delivering research that offers critical insight and real-world impact. . Read more

Contemporary issues in sport integrity and anti-doping

This ‘project’ is a flexible portfolio of connected studies relating to sport integrity, clean sport, clean athlete identity, role of personal and societal values of sport, anti-doping education and legitimacy.  . Read more

Women in sports: the experience of working and living in precarity, liminality and exploitation in the gig economy

In the recent years, there has been continuous attention in women’s participation in professional sports (Bowes et al, 2021). Yet, the female athletes continue to experience unique challenges that their male counterparts often do not encounter. Read more

Elucidating the fate of iron and copper based nanofertilizer in soil-plant system using isotope labelling and synchrotron techniques

Nanotechnology is a rapidly advancing enabling technology with the potential to revolutionize modern life. More recently, the application of nanotechnology in agriculture has garnered significant attention due to its high potential to facilitate sustainable agriculture and enhance food security. Read more

‘Puppets and Clowns’? Celebrity and Political Activism in Historical Perspective

In a 1963 television interview, African American activist Malcolm X described as ‘puppets and clowns’ those Black entertainers – such as Lena Horne and Dick Gregory – who were widely touted as leading the way toward racial integration. Read more

A taste of home: Exploring migrating food heritage and food information practices

What food makes us feel at home? What makes a food recipe authentic offline and online?.  Food is a basic human need, a source of nutrients to support life and growth, and a key component in shaping our culture, identity and belonging. Read more

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