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  The role of tumour microenvironment interactions in melanoma therapy resistance
  Research Group: Institute of Cancer Therapeutics
  Dr H Sheldrake, Dr M Sutherland
Applications accepted all year round
The incidence of malignant melanoma has steadily increased over the past 30 years, and it is predicted that 76,250 new cases will be diagnosed in the US and over 10,000 in the UK this year.
  Synthesis and Characterisation of Proteolysis targeting chimeras (PROTACs), potential anticancer agents
  Research Group: Institute of Cancer Therapeutics
  Dr H Sheldrake
Applications accepted all year round
Proteolysis targeting chimeras (PROTACs) are bifunctional molecules consisting of a small molecule which binds a desired protein target, a linker, and a ligand which binds to an E3 ubiquitin ligase.
  Understanding breast tissue structure to tackle cancer.
  Dr N Akhtar
Application Deadline: 23 January 2019
One of the central hallmarks of cancer is a loss in tissue organisation. An organized tissue by default acts as a powerful tumour suppressor.
  Using light sheet microscopy to monitor uptake of proteins in platelets
  Prof S P Watson
Application Deadline: 6 January 2019
Platelets play a critical role in prevention of excessive bleeding at sites of vessel damage. A critical step in the formation of the haemostatic plug is the release of fibrinogen from platelet α-granules and the subsequent formation of fibrin, which together support platelet clumping and strengthens the clot.
  Using our expertise to develop future scientists - BHF Four Year Programme
Our Programme. Soon 1 in 10 UK adults will have diabetes. In spite of modern treatments, most of these people will suffer major cardiovascular problems, including heart attack and stroke impairing their quality of life and survival.
  (BBSCR DTP) Design of allosteric small molecule probes of fibrosis using molecular dynamics simulations
  Dr R A Bryce, Dr K Piper Hanley, Dr R Whitehead
Application Deadline: 31 January 2019
Integrins are a family of protein receptors that play a major role in cell survival, growth and migration. Their function is to transmit signals across the cell membrane by undergoing an elegant large scale structural rearrangement.
  How does fibrillin regulate TGFβ latency and activation?
  Prof C Baldock, Dr A Roseman
Applications accepted all year round
Fibrillin microfibrils are an essential component of our connective tissues and they give tissues such as lung, skin and blood vessels their elasticity.
  Cell biology and evolution of cancer metastasis
  Dr P R Dash
Applications accepted all year round
We are interested in the spread of cancer, a process called metastasis. Metastasis is responsible for the majority of cancer deaths and there are currently no effective treatments to stop this process.
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