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  Invertebrate communities in hollowing trees
  Dr T H Jones, Prof L Boddy
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
Background. In standing trees, most decay occurs in the heartwood (heart-rot). The rotted hearts of trees release nutrients for tree growth and provide habitat for assemblages of saproxylic bacteria and fungi, invertebrates and vertebrates.
  Impacts of pheasants on invertebrate and plant communities; A molecular approach
  Prof C R Tyler, Dr J Madden
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
Location. University of Exeter, Streatham Campus, Exeter EX4 4QJ. This project is one of a number that are in competition for funding from the NERC Great Western Four+ Doctoral Training Partnership (GW4+ DTP).
  Integrating omics, imaging and informatics to develop physiology-based kinetic (PBK) models for perturbation biology in an invertebrate model species
  Prof M Viant, Dr B Campos, Dr C Rivetti, Dr I Sorrell
Application Deadline: 6 January 2019
This exciting 4-year BBSRC iCASE PhD opportunity bridges the University of Birmingham’s (*) metabolomics team and Unilever’s Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre (SEAC), both having state-of-the-art facilities and renowned research programmes, thereby creating an excellent environment for this challenging yet impactful research project.
  NERC GW4 FRESH CDT - The electric ecology of freshwater habitats
  Prof D Robert, Prof M Genner
Application Deadline: 17 December 2018
Essential to all biomes, freshwater is put under pressure by urbanisation and human populations, by demands of intensive agriculture, and various damages incurred through anthropogenic pollution.
  Can microplastic pollution in freshwaters disrupt invertebrate mediated nutrient cycling?
  Dr R Quilliam, Dr E Lahive
Application Deadline: 18 January 2019
We are seeking a highly motivated individual to carry out PhD research in the field of environmental pollution and toxicology, microplastics and freshwater ecology.
  Development of an invertebrate model of alternating hemiplegia of childhood
  Research Group: School of Biomedical Sciences
  Dr S Clapcote, Dr A Bretman, Prof R E Isaac, Dr D I Lewis
Application Deadline: 31 January 2019
Heterozygous mutations in ATP1A3, encoding the Na+,K+-ATPase (NKA) alpha3 subunit, are identified as the cause of a phenotypic continuum of ATP1A3-related…
  Changes in metabolic energy use with body sizes within pelagic invertebrate species: new insights from jellyfish
  Prof A Hirst, Dr D Atkinson
Application Deadline: 9 January 2019
Background. Gelatinous zooplankton (‘jellyfish’) have a body water content that is proportionately very high, a trait that has evolved in at least 5 planktonic phyla.
  Invertebrate-microbe interactions in the breakdown of the lignocellulose complex: implications for biotechnology, biodeterioration and biosphere function
  Prof S Cragg, Dr J.E.M Watts, Prof D Distel
Application Deadline: 24 February 2019
Applications are invited for a fully-funded three year PhD studentship to commence in October 2019. The supervisors are Prof. Simon Cragg, Dr.
  “Zooremediation” - a novel strategy to remediate contaminated aquatic environments
  Dr R Quilliam, Dr L Carvalho, Prof N J Willby, Dr D Oliver
Application Deadline: 17 January 2019
We are seeking a highly motivated individual to carry out PhD research in the field of environmental pollution, water quality, ecological engineering and bioremediation.
  Dippers (Cinclus cinclus) as bioindicators of health and resilience of freshwater ecosystems in the face of complex ecological change
  Prof N J Willby, Prof K Park, Dr P Taylor
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
We are seeking a highly motivated individual to undertake research focussing on understanding on river bird responses to environmental change in Britain.
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