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We have 362 investigation PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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An investigation of the Fibre-Matrix Interface of Laser Processed Composite Materials

The aim of this project, co-founded by CAV Systems, a significant UK aerospace manufacturer, is to understand and quantify the impact that laser processing has on the material, environmental and fatigue properties of a fibre-reinforced polymer composite, particularly at the fibre-matrix interface level, through extensive experimental investigation. Read more

ROBOCONE: Robotic ground investigation technology for civil engineering

Supervisory Team.   David White, Susan Gourvenec & Benjamin Cerfontaine. Project description. This PhD offers you the opportunity to develop new technology that brings robotics to civil engineering, to improve methods to characterise the ground. Read more

Revival of the immortals: investigation of molecular mechanisms of mycobacterial resuscitation from dormancy

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a significant global challenge. It is estimated that nearly 10 million people will die from infection with multi-drug resistant bacteria by 2050 if novel antimicrobials are not introduced. Read more

Investigation of sustainable decarbonised local district energy systems in the UK

Department/School. School of Sustainability, Civil and Environmental Engineering. Project Description. The UK has made a legal commitment to reach the net zero targets by 2050 but the progress so far suggests that significant challenges lie ahead. Read more

An investigation of the influence of life-long metabolic factors that contribute to age-related eye diseases

Primary open-angle glaucoma is a major source of disability and blindness. Genetic studies have been hugely successful in improving our understanding of this disease, but the mechanisms through which, in interaction with non-genetic factors, they can lead to glaucoma is not well understood. Read more

Interdisciplinary investigation of a large effect of sulfasalazine on HbA1c

The anti-inflammatory drug sulfasalazine, which is used in rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease, was reported earlier to suppress HbA1c in a small cohort of patients [1]. Read more

Multi-scale Laboratory and Numerical Investigation of Offshore Pile Foundations under Operational and Extreme Loading

Offshore wind energy plays a key role in advancing UK’s Net Zero CO. 2. roadmap and tackling global energy crisis. Foundation system supporting or anchoring wind turbines are evolving to meet the critical needs for harnessing wind energy in deeper waters, difficult grounds, and seismic areas. Read more

Spatial transcriptomics investigation of the cellular basis of tissue injury and regeneration in human disease

Researchers in the Sansom and Nanchahal group are studying tissue damage and repair in the context of inflammatory bowel disease1, inflammatory arthritis2, Dupuytren’s3, liver disease and in response to acute injury4. Read more

Experimental Investigation of Impinging Flames

Impinging flames are of interest to both the fundamental understanding of combustion phenomena and the practical applications. To understand the interaction of flame and wall will help the design of better combustion devices, improving the combustion efficiency and lengthening the life span of a combustor. Read more

Construction materials and products. Investigation about embodied carbon assessment methods and solutions

Buildings consume 40% of energy produced in the world. This percentage increases to over 60% in the UK. In European countries, existing regulations limit operational energy consumption/carbon emissions and have brought to considerable savings. Read more

Investigation of the molecular mechanisms governing the RNA landscape during cellular stress

  Research Group: Biochemistry
Throughout life our cells experience a variety of chemical and environmental stressors and must activate adaptive cellular signalling pathways and molecular mechanisms to survive. Read more

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