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  Examining factors related to social isolation and loneliness of military veterans and their families (RDF19/HLS/NMH/WILSON)
  Dr G Wilson
Application Deadline: 25 January 2019
Loneliness and social isolation are now well recognised as two of the most demanding public health issues we currently face (Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, 2018).
  The evolution of social isolation: Pathology, competitive exclusion or adaptation?
  Dr L Brent
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
Additional Supervisors. James Higham, New York University, Anthropology. Location. University of Exeter, Streatham Campus, Exeter EX4 4QJ.
  Minimising the impact of incomplete washing on active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) particle properties caused by drying; developing strategies to mitigate undesirable effects and a workflow to optimise isolation
  Dr C Price, Dr P Mulheran
Applications accepted all year round
Poor API powder flow is often a cause of formulation challenges. In an ideal isolation process the characteristics of crystals produced during crystallization (PSD, morphology and polymorph etc.) are preserved.
  From genes to species: Investigating the contribution of evolutionary change in tartan to mating behaviour and reproductive isolation.
  Dr M D Santos-Nunes, Dr S Arif
Application Deadline: 3 January 2019
The genetic basis underlying the vast diversity observed in animal male genitalia has eluded evolutionary research for decades. Recently we uncovered a gene that explains a large difference in organ size between species.
  Variable Structure Control for Passive Heave Compensation System in Offshore Cranes
  Dr M Aleyaasin, Dr S S Aphale
Applications accepted all year round
In this project, passive heave compensation system in offshore cranes are investigated. An integrated model will be developed by which heave amplitude in various sea states can be computed.
  Developing a three-dimensional research model of neutrophil-mediated tissue destruction during inflammation
  Dr J Hirschfeld, Prof I L C Chapple, Dr M Grant
Applications accepted all year round
Background. The proposed research has the goal to develop a novel 3D model to measure and visualise tissue destruction mediated by migrating neutrophils in vitro.
  Next generation methods for the isolation of plastic-degrading bacteria and fungi.
  Dr G Lear
Applications accepted all year round
We are currently seeking a PhD student with interests in microbiology, molecular biology and the environment to conduct research into the microbial degradation of waste plastics.
  Comparative study of anemones from distinct thermal habitats: Highlighting the impact of geographic isolation in promoting evolution of thermal resistant genotype
  Dr V Modepalli, Prof J Wiedenmann
Application Deadline: 4 January 2019
Programme website. Project Rationale. Acquisition of phototrophic endosymbionts constitutes a key ecological innovation in the evolution of corals, permitting these animals to flourish in oligotrophic waters.
  Do men attend luncheon clubs? An exploration of gendered interventions to promote social engagement (RDF19/HLS/SWECW/COLLINS)
  Dr T Collins
Application Deadline: 25 January 2019
Life events, such as widowhood, are associated with increased loneliness and social isolation, particularly for older men (ILC-UK, 2015) who tend to have smaller support networks and less contact with family and friends than older women (Beach and Bamford, 2014).
  In vitro assessment of drug sequestration into lysosomes and in silico prediction of implications for drug disposition and therapeutic efficacy
  Dr A Galetin, Dr D Hallifax
Applications accepted all year round
Intracellular concentration of a drug is an important determinant of its efficacy, toxicity, and potential drug-drug interactions [1].
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